Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch, post 1.

We took the kids to the good ol pumpkin patch this yesterday. The pumpkin patches of my youth have transformed into a whole other entity. They are no longer row after row of pumpkins of every shape and size. Well, they do have rows of pumpkins but what I am saying is that the pumpkin patch has turned into some sort of amusement park type thingy. There is so much to do- it took us all afternoon. And boy, did we have fun.

We started off letting the kids play on the bouncer and in the hay jump. Why do I feel a redneck joke a coming? How bout, You know your kid is redneck when they jump on hay bales instead of trampolines? Ok, so maybe I’m not the best at redneck jokes. Sue me.

We then decided to hit the hay ride. Only we got the new trailer with built in seats and no hay bales. There was hay scattered on the floor but none under our butts. I love hayrides where we don’t have to sit on hay bales. Hay bales tend to poke you in places not meant to be poked. I always say, if it never sees the sun- don’t poke it with hay. Or something along those lines.

This was Bekum’s first time taking Ty-guy to the pumpkin patch. Mostly cause he is only 6 months old and wasn’t around in last year to enjoy the hay rides. But this year he moved up in the world. This year he not only went on his first ever hay ride; he also got to eat his first piece of hay. He is Southern already! Makes me

My littlest punk  did not enjoy the hayride. Better stated; my littlest punk had a blast until I took out my blackberry to try and snap some pics to send to her Dadda. I couldn’t bust out my camera because I lost my charger and the battery is dead. I haven’t told Charley yet- so shhhhhhh! I lost it back around the fourth of July. I think it might be gone for good.

Now, in my littlest punk’s defense; it was really windy on that hay ride and it might have been my super shalacked hair jabbing her in the face that made her close her eyes in this pic. I made sure to use 2 whole bottles of Freeze and Shine Spray before we went. I didn’t want my hair falling flat. Nothing worse than flat hair at the pumpkin patch.

My oldest punk had reached a new stage in his life. It’s called “I’m too cool to enjoy baby stuff like hay rides.” It makes me sad cause he really is only 9. I still enjoyed a good hay ride at 9. Then again, anything to get me away from my pesky brothers was okay in my book.  But he did let some of his boyish enthusiasm out when we were checking out the tractors, and again in the corn maze. It made me happy.

To be continued…

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