Friday, August 6, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I've been on the quiet side for the last few months- yeah, yeah, summer..... kids..... travel.... blah blah. Unfortunately for me, my excuses have run out as today marked the very first day back to school! Whoot! Sanity will soon reign supreme in the B-Dub hood! Okay, not really- and if I was normal all of a sudden you all would stop reading. Yes, you know who you are! I can see you!

Part of my issue, well, one of my issues, is that I can't sit. I herniated two discs in my back and sitting is pretty much out of the picture till I get it all worked out. Or until I take massive pain pills and muscle relaxers, but then I can't type or complete a sentence or stop rubbing my nose. 

Another suckage for me? The hubbs has the laptop with him in the Ghanistan. No lazy couch surfing for me! I am stuck with the blackberry that takes 4.32 minutes to load a page; which if all you have to do all day is lay around on the couch and pout then 4.32 minutes is an acceptable amount to suffer. It's how I read all your blogs. I'm totally hip with the reading, but waiting even longer to try and post a comment isn't gonna happen. Sorry dogs- 

I have started reading "The Cat Who ..." series by Lillian Jackson Braun; I figured with 25 books in the series I should be occupied for awhile. Unfortunately it leaves me with a sense that my life is not complete due to my utter lack of feline companionship. I have never, ever, not in a million years been a cat person so imagine my surprise when I found myself on the Humane Societies website checking out long haired extra large size cats. No skinny Siamese for me, give me the Big Bertha.

I am also inspired to start my own series of posts called "The Dog Who...." This evenings venture? "The Dog Who Knocked Over 12 Mason Jars of Apple Pie Filling (That Took Me an Entire Day to Make and Can) Without Breaking a Single One." It is a riveting, edge of your seat, nail biting episode of tail wagging, slobbering, drooling, stumbling mess of a dog sharing a heartwarming game of dress-up with his little girl. He couldn't really help himself, he hasn't quite figured out how to walk in a dress. 

Cross dressing is one of his many new hobbies.

Keep an eye out for even more "The Dog Who..." adventures- you never know what kind of mischief a fun loving poop brown dog can get into!  

And on a final note I would be remiss in my obligations as the most awesomest Auntie B-Dub of all time if failed to introduce you to my newest nephew, Peter Arrington Z-Dog.

Don't worry boy, I would cry too if I was covered in cheese.