Saturday, March 6, 2010

It Will Be Here Soon

I know you are all chomping at the bit to know how my Giveaway Bonanza is coming along. But guess what? I am not going to tell you today! That bit of goodness will happen on Monday, exactly 1 week after it started. Confused? Turns out I decided to enter every freakin giveaway I run across during my daily blog ventures so I can once and for all determine if it is worth the time and energy to enter them. But that isn't gonna be today.

Its Saturday which means we are CLEANING. I know, I know, you guys have seen the pics of my house and have already decided that my housekeeping skills are outta this world. Well, I did graduate as Valedic-tool-ian from the Happy Housewife University. But even this perfection needs upkeep every now and again. And because I am jammin out, I figured I would share my playlist so YOU can jam out too! You tube is pretty awesome for finding obscure music that no one else has heard of, or just the crap I have going. Prepare yourselves:

Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal
Beck: Loser
Carrie Underwood: Flat on the Floor, and Wasted
Creed: Higher
Deana Carter: Did I Shave my Legs for This???
Eve Six: Inside Out
Fall Out Boy: Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
Fuel: Hemorrhage
Hole: Celebrity Skin
Jem: 24 and You Will Make It
Lit:  My Own Worst Enemy
Miranda Lambert: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Gunpowder and Lead
Misfits: Die, Die My Darling
Oasis: Morning Glory
Rascal Flats: Fast Cars and Freedom
Stone Temple Pilots: Creep
Weezer: Buddy  Holly

This list got me through the kitchen, then I had to start another one. I know, I just can't seem to keep to one genre. And I am a better person for it. Just sayin.

So go, B-Dubbers! Play some Music, Clean your House, and Enjoy the Ride!

Whats on your playlist anywhoozle? I'm always looking for something new!

ps. Yes, I did just tell you to clean. Now you know how my kids feel : )

Update! I forgot to mention all things Ga. Forgive me. Pretty much after each of these songs I played a GAGA. Current fav? Dancing in the Dark. More on this later. -B-Dub Diddle

Friday, March 5, 2010

One More Time

Since I decided to try the whole "Friday Follow" thingy one more time I need to ensure you know what your getting when you join my crazy. Your Welcome.

The hubbs Charley

My two punks, Biggest and Littlest. Bestie Bekum's Baby Ty-Guy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Afghanie Update

It has been a good two days for communication with Charley! I have received two emails and a phone call. I think this is some kind of record, as we usually talk about once a week or so.

Charley making sure his new gear fit. Once again with the Log Cabin : )

Charley has had it rough trying to make it to his FOB. Apparently there is no such thing as a direct flight to Afghanistan FOBs. Once he arrived in Afghanistan he spent more than a week waiting on hopper flights (of which there were 3) to get to Wilderness. FOB Wilderness is right on the border with Pakistan, and it is small. Too small if you ask me. So small that they don't have a place to pick up basic necessities. I have to send a monthly package including toothpaste, soap, deodorant, razers, you name it. If he needs it I have to send it.

The reason for the call this morning? Just to let me know that he will not be staying at Wilderness. Instead he is being stationed at an even SMALLER FOB. I can't believe it! Worst.Luck.Ever. And to make matters worse, his battle buddy Trist (featured in several blogs recently) won't be going with him. He gets to stay at Wilderness.
Trist, all ready to go. And yep, took a picture of himself. Goof.

And by now you are prolly wondering what the big deal is. I mean, really, one FOB is a good as another right? Um, no. The smaller the FOB the more action they see. The more danger there is. The harder the missions are. Not to mention that if there is trouble it takes even LONGER to get BACKUP. And the icing on the cake is that the only guy over there that Charley has trained with won't be with him.

So, Interwebby Friends, today I am sad. And mad. And prolly a little terrified of the Unknown. I don't like the way things are working out. I think I am going to melt down and have an absolute panic attack. So I am off to the shower to try and calm myself down, and to have a bit of a cry without the kids seeing me.  I'm an Army Wife.

ps. FOB stands for Forward Operating Base. I know you don't all speak Army!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So remember a few weeks ago when I told you I had my girls come for a visit? Well, they really did! I wasn't making that up, I promise. I know, I know, I didn't deliver the goods as far as photographic evidence is concerned. But there is are really real reason behind it you see; I had to wait for the pics to make an appearance in my inbox because I am lame and lost both chargers for my camera. Fortunately, the chargers have re-appeared, and T sent me the pics she had.

Now I face a real dilemma. If I post these pics you will know: 1) I live in a log cabin 2) I didn't clean my house that day 3) I can still shake it with the best of them and 4) you will see me in my jammies. I don't know what I would do if you took that knowledge and: 1) laughed at me for wearing my jammies 2) ridiculed my non-existent  house keeping skills or 3) decided that my shaking it down should be kept to a minimum.

It was the return of my friend Rabbit that gave me courage to post these pics. He is all about dancing, poop throwing, and blogging without Giveahootery. And saying f^%*. A lot. (and you can grab his button here)
So here I go, without Givingahootery!

Now this one is important. See how I am wearing clothes? But also note the SIZE of my belly! Oh man, I look pregnant, which I am not. What really was happening was my IBS was giving me hell, hence the reason I changed in super fab - elastic waistband - clothes. Don't judge me, I don't think I could handle it!

Here they are! Aren't we pretty? Me, Bekum, and T all lined up in a row! Also fab because the background is blurry and you can't see the mess living on my counters!

Proof once again that my belly was KILLING me! T decided to help me out with a belly rub. Hey, it worked for Ty-Guy who is Bekum's adorable fantastic baby boy. The nine month old variety.

From here I will try and keep the commenting to a minimum; you can just watch the chaos unfold. Something amazing happened, Webby Friends, Lady Ga entered my humble abode. The Dance Off ensued. This one is for you Rabbit! Enjoy the Dancing!

Can you say Crazy Anime Hair? Thats how I roll.

Chicken Dance Anyone?

Trist did NOT win the dance off.
No explanation needed. 
I think Charley was feeling a bit lonely. He doesn't tend to dance.

Good thing I won the dance off cause if he gave the victory kiss to anyone else 
he would have been sleeping on the couch! And I would like to add that this is the 
last picture I have of the two of us, and it will remain thus until mid-tour leave.

Also, I was so appalled at the state of my desk that I spent 3 hours cleaning it yesterday. 
And to any of you have suggestions for the horrid linen closet? Perhaps a curtain? 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Years Later

My bloggy friend over at Pardon My Dust has roped me into this one! So, essentially, I need to write about where I will be in 10 years. Not such an easy task for an Army Wife who has moved 6 or 7 times in the last 6 years. Lets begin!

Here are the rules:

1. Post where you want to be in 10 years

2. Pass it on to 10 of your bloggy friends!

10 years down the road I will offically be so close to 40 I can smell it. Biggest Punk will have graduated High School, and he better be in college if he knows what is good for him! Littlest Punk will be entering her teen years, which will require much ripping of hair and gnashing of teeth on my part, I am sure. I will also have a suitably awesome collection of shotguns standing at the ready for any teen boy that wants to try venturing into B-Dub Land. 

Charley will only have 4 more years of the Army life left! Retirement will be sweet indeed! We will have purchased a whole lotta acreage in North Eastern Montana (Charley's home state) somewhere around Kalispell. On this land we will be building a lovely home, llama enclosures, and highland cattle will roam the mountain sides. I will have learned to spin llama (or alpaca) hair into yarn which I will use to knit (once I learn how) booties the dogs will wear while in the house. Think swiffer dusters with legs, so I will never have to sweep again! I might even patent the idea, but prolly just share the wonder with the world. Housewives everywhere will love me!

Hopefully by now I will finally be able to afford my "fixing" surgeries. I know, I know, I am already perfect- but a little work never hurt! Two kids and gravity haven't exactly improved certain areas, if you catch my drift. Charley will be all the way bald, instead of his horseshoe. Well, maybe, his Uncles both have/had the horseshoe. More on this later.

I will be working at a super fabulous job, that will require wearing heels daily to match the super stylish dressy clothes that are also a requirement. Charley and I will continue working on our tour of the globe, visiting countries some people can't even pronounce. We will have officially moved 2343 times during our marriage, and therefore require constant vaca's to keep us sane. 

My brothers will both have decided it is time to give it up and come live with us in Montana. Spend our evenings in front of a roaring fire, sipping on which ever genial beverage we choose for the occasion. Hunting almost year round, camping in summers, and they can go canoeing. By themselves. The rivers there are FRIGID year round. I will stick to my hot tub. 

Ah the good life! Isn't it sweet?

And I now bequeath this challenge to 10 of my very dear Bloggy friends!

Now its time to write away my friends! Holla back when your done so I can check you out, um, in 10 years.

Some Gifts are Better

Ya know how they say the best gifts in life are free? Well, I totally agree! My bloggey friend Savage has been taking requests for poetry. As in you tell him a topic and he will write you a poem. I was totes sad when I headed over to his site the other day and asked him to write about deployments (my hubbs just recently left for Afghanistan-in case you missed it). Here is his awesomeness:

B-Dub wanted a poem about deployment since her hubby is off helping lay a smack down on the bad guys....

It Aint Easy

The time has come
He got the call
It aint easy
Not at all

He has to go
He don’t want to
He signed to serve
He’s got to do

He’s a strong man
With an easy smile
He’ll be gone
For a long while

Hugs and kisses
Have no fears
He brushes away
You’re saddened tears

It aint easy
Not at all
To serve your country
When you get the call

-Mark “The Savage” George

Thank you, my friend Savage, for taking time to write for me! To all my other people out there head over to see Savage! He is still taking requests, perhaps he will write one for you!

And now I have guilt because I can't remember where I found this picture. 
I would like to dedicate this one to my two brothers, who weren't man
enough to join the "real" military. Turns out I love them anywhozle.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I would like to start by thanking all the little people who voted for me! This wouldn't have been possible without you! Wait, what? No voting? Ah well- my readers still love me enough to put up with blogging about other people's giveaways!

The fantastic news? I totally WON!!!! I guess my stalking of Mass Hole Mommy finally paid off. I totes stalked her on Twitter and yelled ferociously every time she tried tweeting about the giveaway. I couldn't have her messing with my odds of winning. I hope I didn't crush her feelings or lower her self esteem or anything. Nothing personal, which I can say now that I have officially won THIS:

This lovely, super pink, flat iron that retails for, oh, ya know, a measly $300.00! And as it turns out I have been in the market for a flat iron for, oh, ya know, for-ev-er.

Which brings me to the point of this here blog. Is it really worth spending the time to enter giveaways? Thusly, I have only entered the ones that I really really wanted what was being offered. So, pretty much every one I come across. In the past 5 months or so I have won 2 items. The shown above flat iron and a charm that says "Keep Calm and Carry On."

I am going to try a little experiment here people. I will for the next few weeks (lets say the month of March, unless I get bored with it and decided to cut it short) enter every giveaway on any blog I come across. Periodic updates will be delivered and the final numbers tallied so we can all see if it is worth the time and effort, all 10 minutes of it, that it takes to enter them.

So if you are having any giveaways or if you run across some in your interwebby jaunts shoot me a link (either here or on Twitter). I will enter each and every one of them, take notes, spread the love, and report my results.

And, I should prolly go ahead and throw this out there: I have the WORST LUCK EVER. And I almost never win anything. Ever. Except super fantastic pink flat irons and charms that say "Keep Calm and Carry On" of course.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Day Lovey!

I usually call the hubbs "Lovey" for some unknown reason. It started way back when we first got married and hasn't gone anywhere since. I think he likes it. Anywhozul, today is Lovey's BIRTHDAY! Happy Day to him! I guess this also marks some kind of milestone, his very first birthday in Afghanistan! He has had 2 in Iraq, so I guess it is time to play catch up for the good ol Afghan.

In reality today is a hard day for me, big days always serve as reminders of what we are missing out on. Last night I feel asleep to Lady Antebellum's "I Need You Now." In honor of the day, I will share...

Picture perfect memories 
scattered all around the floor. 
reaching for the phone, 
cause I cant fight it anymore. 

And i wonder if I ever cross your mind 
for me it happens all the time 

Its a quarter after one im all alone and I 
need you now 
said I wouldn't call 
but I lost all control and I need you now, 
and I dont know how I can do without 
i just need you now 

Another shot of whiskey 
cant stop looking at the door, 
wishing you come sweeping 
in the way you did before 

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind, 
for me it happens all the time 

Its a quarter after one im a little drunk and I 
need you now 
said I wouldnt call 
but I lost all control and I need you now. 
and I dont know how I can do without 
I just need you now... 

wooh oo wooh oh 

Yes I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all 

Its a quarter after one im all alone and I 
need you now 
and I said I wouldn't call 
but im a little drunk and I need you now 
and I dont know how I can do without 
I just need you now 
I just need you now 

oh baby I need you now

And if you live in a cave and have never heard this song, this one is for you! 

Read Need You Now Lyrics here.

Happy Birthday Lovey