Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Days

In just 10 days my favorite soldier will be loading up on a helicopter so he can come visit his family. I'm so excited that when I think about it I get nauseous. And he is so excited that he quit calling home cause he would get nauseous too. Pretty much, we are exactly alike except for the parts where we are polar opposites.

 I bet he will be super excited to not live here anymore :) 

Anywho, now I have to go puke cause I thought about it again. In the mean time, what the heck am I gonna do at the airport? Come on creative people, I know your out there......  
I need a sign idea or something fun and I can't think about it cause I get the yucks all over again. Doh! I just thought about it!!! Ug!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

S%*t Happens But This Just Sucks

So here I was all sorts of ready to rejoin the blogging world when I find out about the phone calls being made to some of the other wives in my troop:

     "I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. Recently a few
spouses in one of our troops have received a harassing phone call.
The calls have happened late at night from a blocked number to home phones and the man on the line whispers to disguise his voice trying to pose as the deployed
spouse. He says that he's not supposed to be using the phone (commo
blackout) so that's why he's whispering. The caller then gets more
harassing as the conversation is ending."

I mean, REALLY?????!!!!!!!?????

And this is actually happened to people I know. Like its not enough that we have to worry about keeping everything together on a "normal" day, now we have to worry about this crap too? Like we don't all worry about our Soldiers every minute of every day, now we have to stress about how some messed up freak got our home number. And what other info does he have? And how does he know our hubbies are gone? What comes when he tires of just phone calls? 

There are some sick sick people in the world and now I have a loaded gun in my house and I won't answer my house phone.

Today I am sad and can't blog the funnies.