Friday, November 13, 2009

It's a First People!!

Yesterday, and I know I'm batty, I decided to apply for a writing position with this online magazine that shall remain nameless. And they said no. And it was my very first writing rejection. And it stung, just a little bit.

And then my kids smothered me with WAY too much attention and I forgot all about it. Until today when I logged into my e-mail and there it was. My first rejection letter. Sitting there. Ug.

But then something happened to brighten my day- I received my first BLOGGER AWARD!!!!!!! Yeah! Someone likes me! They really like me! Or at least my tales of traveling across the US with two kids and a stinky dog make them so grateful that it isn't happening to them that they feel no other option but to give me awards. What can ya do?

So thank-you Mommy's Time! I love it! And it made my day; what online stupid magazine rejection letter? I am the recipient of this lovely Lemonade Stand Award. Because the internet recognizes my attitude and gratitude!


Do you know a blogger with attitude or gratitude? Why not make their day by offering this lovely Lemonade Stand Award? Here's how it works:

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And my Nominees are"

Again, Thanks so much for recognizing my attitude. Cause lets face it. We all know I've got one!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chubaca the Dog

This is Chubaca.

This is Chubaca dressed in drag.

This is Stryker. Stryker is Chubaca's Lady friend. Or maybe his cousin? Or maybe its his mother's brother's mother's dog. Whatever that makes her.

And the two of them. They like to snuggle. Well, Chubaca not so much but with this lovely lady calling the shots he doesn't have much choice.

Kinda like me and Charley. Except not so much snuggling, cause then we get too hot. And then Charley sweats; and this one time Charley dripped sweat on me and it made me gag. Cause I just can't roll like that. Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee.

And so, to solve our snuggle or not difficulties I have developed the "touching somewhere" technique. I employ the feet only strategy. When we are going to sleep I simply put my foot on his let and WALLA! It's just like we are snuggling! Only not so hot. And I don't feel tied down. And I can even roll over if I want to. It's perfect!

Stryker has her own interpretation of the "touching somewhere" technique. And no matter how hard Chubaca tries he just can't seem to get away. Although really, it doesn't seem like he tries very hard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look Momma!

I colored all the itchy on my leg. Beautiful purple. (And then she sighs)

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Day Two and Day Three Sandwich. Cause I can

So, after waking up and having a rousing rendition of "Dog Pile on Dadda" we decided it was time to get downstairs to serve up some biscuits a gravy. Sausage gravy of course. Here, once again, it was apparent that Dadda hasn't been around for a while.

See, Dadda likes to pretend that the kids are tiny, and will stay tiny, and will need everything done for them for the rest of their lives. Momma B-dub doesn't. Dadda thinks that if we are not secured within the confines of a building or vehicle the kids need to "hold -a- hand." Momma B-dub doesn't. Well, maybe sometimes.

So, the other important fact to bring to the table is that Momma B-Dub and the kids traveled from Bozeman, Montana all the way down to Evans, Georgia without Dadda. And as any Momma can tell you; if there is only one parent around, the kids have to be more independent. And mine are.

Back to breakfast. Dadda was SHOCKED that Momma B-Dub would leave his two precious, tiny, unable to sit by themselves for two seconds, never growing kids at the table all by themselves whilst she walked about 10 feet away to grab a whole lotta extra napkins.


So after we resolved that tragedy we were off to explore the great city of Columbus, Georgia! We started by heading downtown. Who knew they would have such a great River-walk? Or super great sculptures just hanging around? Not what I expected from a military town. Of course, I was basing my stereotype of military towns on Fayetteville, NC where we have been for the last 6 Army years. And I love parts of Fayetteville. Sometimes.

We also went to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. Whew, say that fast a few times! The kids rode in simulators, drove space vehicles, and generally ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. Mostly because thats how they act when we release them from the pen. And a little because they were super excited to see all the cool stuff. And Most of All, because they were doing it with their Dadda.

And to top it all off, we got to see an Omni show. I LOVE THE OMNI SHOWS!!! Something about the HUGE curved ceiling, the way it feels like your moving, and most of all- the expressions on my Punks faces while the show was on! Priceless.

And so, there are a few things that remain constant no matter where we are, or who we are with.

1) I can't seem to take pictures of people's FACES. It's a curse.
2) I still don't have a charger for my camera, and still haven't fessed up to Charley that I lost it.
3) Dadda almost never likes the clothes I pick out for the littlest punk. This day he objected to the faux leather pants. Geesh.
4) I have a great family!

Small punk sporting faux leather pants and rocking the bowling shoes!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Trip to See the Dadda

Yes, Internet, we made the trip down to Columbus. It began as expected, with this:

Pumpkin Latte on the Left
Regular Coffee (light and sweet) on the Right

After a few potty breaks we made it to Ft. Benning just in time to pick up Dadda! Only, not really, but that's only because

1) they were released early. (non-military: they got off work early) I was told 11:30 and they were actually released by 9:30.
2) I didn't get the letter.

Letter? What letter? Oh, you mean I was supposed to get some letter in the mail inviting me to this lovely Family Weekend? And this letter also serves as my "Get on Post to Pick up my Hubby Pass!"

Wowie, that would have been good to know. And also, whilst I drove around looking for the Visitor's Center to get a lovely new "Visitor Pass" I came across a check point. I told the guy I didn't have an ID. Meaning, a military ID of course. And he looked at me, then at the kids in the back seat. And then at me. Kids. And so on.

Finally he asks "So if you don't have a drivers license why are you driving, especially with kids in the car. Don't you know thats illegal?"

Me: *mental head slap* Oh, well, I do have a drivers license, but not a military ID. I thought you had to have the military ID. Oh, and can you tell me how to get to the Visitors Center so I can get a Pass? I'm kinda lost.

Him: Yeah, I can tell.

Yeah, and I was only just starting my day. I don't count the 4 hour drive down here because the kids were really well behaved so it was like the morning hadn't even started!

Skip ahead-

Punk #1 striking a pose for the blackberry!
Hmmm, what camera? I don't see anything...

We picked up Lovey. Yeah, I call him Lovey. Punk #2 calls him Dadda, and Punk #1 has graduated to just plain ol Dad. Pretty boring, so I embarrass him as much as possible by calling him sweetie pie lovey dovey sugar lumpkins names in front of all his Army buddies. He really likes it when I do that.

 But Dadda! I don't want to wear the "rowling" shoes! 
I want my pretty PURPLE ONES!!!!

Check into Hotel? Check!
Go bowling with the Punks, both 1 and 2? Check!
Crash out back at the hotel cause you aren't used to being bombarded by the excess energies of two smallish punks and a wife who can't quit speaking in lovey dovey speak? Check!
Permanently attach a smallish punk to one extremity or another? Check!

And yes, it is part of our hotel room inspection to jump thoroughly on
every bed in the room to ensure maximum destruction in minimal time.

Stay tuned for Day 2!