Thursday, April 1, 2010

Opto-Update and my Kid Wants to be Stevie Wonder

Littlest had her visit with the Ophthalmologist today. Complete eye dilation and all- super fantastic for a spunky three year old let me tell you. Best part of the day was Littlest's Stevie Wonder impersonation:

We took a trip to McCrappies for ice cream while we waited the 45 minutes it took for her eyes to completely dilate. People gave me funny looks. And stared. A LOT. It made me want to punch them in the eye. I mean, just look at the jerks in the back ground of this pic. What are they doing? Staring. At my teeny tiny Littlest, who is maybe neither teeny nor tiny; but thats not the point. STARING. AT.A.BABY. meanies.

After a few trips down the slide I convinced her that it would be best to get our butts back to the Dr. so we could finish up the madness and see if she needed to get some glasses. I did NOT want her to have glasses. Neither did she. But she was a champ and crawled up in that big ol' chair surrounded by crazy looking contraptions. She didn't cry. She didn't whine. All I could think was "Holy Crap, she is so SMALL!"

Minutes later we were done. It was all over, she stocked up on stickers and walked her happy behind out the door. Glasses Free (hopefully for life). Awesome.

Happy Birthday Zachary and Eliza

It's a bittersweet day for me, and, as I can only imagine- my sister.

One year ago today dear sweet Zachary and Eliza were born; but both were lost within days. Today I think about the good they brought with them. The way they brought our family together, the love and support they allowed us to share.

Happy Birthday little Zachary and Eliza. Surround your Mother with love and hugs and good feelings today. We love you more than you know.

I can't wait to see you again, 

-Aunt Mimi-

Monday, March 29, 2010

And then you Wake Up

Ever have one of those morning when you wake up and realize just how lame you have been for the last few years? I sure did this morning! Turns out, my meds must be working cause I hopped out of bed happy today. I can't even begin to think of the last time I woke up in a good mood. I don't know if it has ever actually happened. Heck, even my punks know that they shouldn't talk to me till after my coffee.

This happiness is alien. I don't know what to do with myself. I don't even know if I like it or not. Surreal. Of course, it could just be that working out 5 days a week is finally starting to pay off. Or that spring is in the air and the sun is shining.

Regardless of the cause this is going to take some getting used to. Even Chubaca is feeling the effects. I threw his rope toy for him and he is staring at me like I have lost my mind. And I think maybe I have lost it. How can I be snarky and sarcastic if I am feeling bubbly?

I even had FUN at the park with the kids. Even after Littlest ran straight into a pole and bloodied her lip. Whats wrong with me? Send help.