Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Hauntings Continue!

Remember how I mention that my car is possessed?  

(my car only wishes it was this cool)

Well, Mr Poltergeist has decided that due to the cold weather we have been experiencing he needed to relocate. And so he has packed his bags and moved into my house; Oldest's room to be precise. And sometimes the hallway for a change of scenery (and smellery I'm sure). 

He likes to make his presence known in the evening hours by blocking out all light in Oldest room (and/or the hallway). And by blocking light I mean he doesn't allow the lights to be turned on. Just so we are clear: said lights function properly all day long- turning on and off with the flip of the switch. Then during the evening (when light is needed most) he pulls his dastardly prank and no amount of light switch flipping will rid the room of darkness. 

All things considered it really isn't the worst haunting ever- pretty clever if you ask me. He must know the boy loves the Goosebumps series (what 10yo boy doesn't?) and enjoys a little harmless prank on occasion.

 It could be worse, for instance he could go bump in the night invoking a pistol wielding B-Dub to come racing down the stairs. Lets face it, nothing is scarier than a B-Dub woken from sleep by bumps in the night: with or without pistol, the hair is scary enough to rid the premises of all but the most determined evil-doers in possession of great intestinal fortitude. I kid not.

Now picture this with no flat iron or styling products. Super Scary.

But here is my warning dear Mr.Poltergeist, the Daddy is coming home and he doesn't take kindly to other guys trying to move in on his turf. Your days are numbered. Just sayin. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Two-ish Weeks

Its almost time my Webbies! Charley is leaving his Combat OutPost in like two freakin weeks! Of course that doesn't mean he will be home in two weeks it just means he is leaving his current location and will be on the way. Still no due date, but heck who needs one! I'm just excited he will be getting the heck outta there.

Maybe then I can get back to blogging. I don't write much these days because I don't have anything nice to say, once he is home I won't have anything left to bitch about.... And for some reason that sentence isn't making sense so I'm gonna pretend I didn't write it and move on....

This is what Charley has been up to the last 11 months. He is in the second truck. He also reports that the cell that recorded this video is no longer around thanks to the boot they shoved up their turbaned behinds!!!!

(if that video doesn't work try this link- and remember I am a tech-NO! so pretty proud that I actually copied a link in the first place : )  )

I can't wait for my Hero to be home!!!