Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hoarder Success Story or Fiery Bunghole. Toss up.

Yesterday in my nervous energy state (yep, C is traveling only I don't know when he will actually get HERE) I took it upon myself to clean Littlest room. I should totally be on Hoarders cause after two very full trash bags of toys made their final migration to the trash bin outside her toy box was still overflowing. OVERFLOWING. Geesh, no wonder her dang room was always a mess! Best part is she hasn't even noticed that anything is missing. Serious. Kinda makes me not want to buy her anything for Christmas except for underwear. And maybe socks.

It was during this cleaning spree that something super wrong started happening to me. And by "super wrong" I mean I have flames of fire shooting out of my a*%. FIRE. It was so nasty I had to shower after. Twice. Awesome.

And now you know more about me than you did yesterday.

And I still don't know when Charley is gonna get off his ever lovin tuckas and freakin pick up the phone and tell me when he will be here!!!!

Patience and I are not friends.

Oh, and I'm wearing purple today- so should you