Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes It's OKAY to Smack Your Kids

Yesterday morning I was watching my usual hour or so of Good Morning America (have to keep up with current events and all...) and Oldest was sitting at the table eating his breakfast. Littlest wasn't awake yet.

Oldest looks up as the commercials come on; cause lets face it, they are WAY more interesting than stupid NEWS. Well, for a 9 year old that is. He had this really funny look on his face. He was really concentrating hard, so hard in fact that I thought he was gonna bust a blood vessel.

Concerned for his safety I asked what was going on. He points to the TV. There, in the commercial, is a kid waking up her mother at some horrid early time in the morning. Her hair is perfect and she woke up smiling. Her make up artist did a fantastic job with the whole "let's pretend I didn't spend 3 hours sitting in the chair and that I naturally look like this" look.

Oldest says to me "I wish you looked like that in the morning. Her hair is all nice and pretty. Yours is always messy and sticking up. And she is happy when she wakes up- you are a grump."


The he says, "I guess thats why her hair is nice- cause she is happy. And your hair is ugly cause you are grumpy."

I respond, "Eat your breakfast and finish getting ready for school before I show you what GRUMPY really means."  Just another typical morning at our house!

What isn't typical is all the artsy fartsy stuff thats been going down. I start taking meds for my crazies and *POOF* I turn all Martha Stuart on you. Thats also why I haven't been blogging so much these days. I have a hard time sitting still for more than 5 minutes. My house has never been cleaner. Awesome.

So here is littlest showing off our latest endeavors. Now, for each one we made for her she expects one for her 3 girl cousins. So needless to say, I've been busy. And I burned my finger multiple times on the hot glue gun. It still hurts.

These were the first that weren't korkers. They are castles.

This guy is obviously a penguin. 
Oh, and those are korker bows behind her.
Don't worry- I didn't know what they were either.

This is supposed to be a cupcake with a cherry on top.
It looks more like a tree to me, but Littlest insisted on the "green frosting."

This one came out better, maybe. 
Does that look like a cupcake to you? 
Or am I a cupcake bow failure?

And this is the guy that just about killed me. Stupid butterfly.
I didn't have any directions to follow so there was a lot of trial and error.
And finger burning.

I asked her to "Look like a TV lady" and she gave me this face.
Blue Steel? 


The End.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Day to ME! Oh, and Charley too.

Today marks a momentous occasion! 6 years ago Charley and I got married- an event that my family thought would never happen as it takes a special kind of guy to put up with my brand of crazy!

We were trying to get married on the sly; meaning all secret and stuff. Kinda like eloping only everyone already knew it was gonna happen. Then my Daddy called me, the gig was up. He asked if he could come and how could I possibly say no? I couldn't. So we loaded up and went down to the courthouse with a few of Charley's friends and a few of my family members.

 Oldest was super excited. At the time he called Charley "Chuck Daddy." Eventually the "Chuck" dropped off and he was just "Daddy" but I won't ever forget how happy he was.

(I know, I was totally slouching... boo.)
(but look how cute I am with red hair!)

I will also never forget how nervous Charley was. So nervous in fact that he had left his wallet in the Barracks- so our big moment was slightly delayed as he had to make a trek across town to go get it. But you know what they say- good things come to those who wait.

And he was totally worth waiting for.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I know I'm Lame

Ok, seriously. I just today discovered how to read the blogs I'm following using Google Reader. Turns out- way super easier!! I don't have to open each site individually, just scroll down and WHAM! There they are! You are prolly all, "Geesh B-Dub- that is so like yesterday. Where have you been?"
And I'm all "I know, I know, LAMER; thats me. Loud and proud. Tech-NO card holder here."
And you're all "Good thing your so awesome, I guess I can forgive you."
And I'm all "Yeah, I am pretty awesome, I guess I can accept your apology."

But really, this opens a whole new world for me! I caught up on EVERYONES blogs in half the amount of time it took me before! Here is the issue:

I haven't figured out how to comment on your awesomeness with the Google Reader. Help me InterWebbs. Help.