Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving For Dummies

Would you like to learn the secret for carving perfect pumpkins? Well, me too. So let me know when you find out. Here in B-Dub land we do it our own way. And we did it our own way last night. I would also like to mention that pumpkin carving is usually the territory of Dadda, NOT Momma B-Dub. And I would also like to mention that Boys are from Mars and Girls are from Venus. And I like egg rolls.

These are what we wound up with. Three big ol' pumpkins of dubious origin. The Triangle Man is mine, with some help from T. The middle guy with the huge honkin nose is smallest punk's, and the guy on the end my oldest punk created and CARVED all by himself. Yes, Internet friends, I did let a 9 year-old boy handle a knife, all by himself. With only T watching over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't gonna lop off a finger or two. Don't tell anyone, but I think T had fun. And two heart attacks.

Now when I say Girls are from Venus and Boys are from Mars I want to watch my two punks in action.

"You want me to stick my hand in WHAT?"

Mom! I bet I can get the guts out faster than you can!!!

Ummm, I think I will pass on the gut scraping. Its just not ME!

I am the GUT SCRAPING MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there was this guy:

Oh Man, oh Man, he is a keeper. He isn't from Mars yet, but he IS in the running for Spaz MaGee 2010.

MOMMA!!!!!! Your not doing it right!!!!

At that point I was done. Check out the FORCED GRIN! All I could think was "Just you wait kid, I'm gonna take a handfull of pumpkin guts and smear it in your HAIR! Then you will smell like pumpkin..... only, then I would have to clean you up.... maybe I will hold off on that idea for a few years. Maybe by then I will have my anger issues under control. Maybe....

And here they are in all their splendor. And I didn't even smear anyone with pumpkin guts. I think Dadda gets to play this game with them next year.

And beleive it or not, it wasn't till I was looking through these pics that I noticed my littlest one wasn't wearing any pants. Send help, like yesterday!!!!!

I had to throw this one up too. Just check out the look on bigish punk's face! CLASSIC! This is his "I have a pesky three year old sister who won't sit still so we can get this whole picture taking fiasco over with" look. I love my punks! And I am really glad that smallish punk at least had the decency to put on panties. Otherwise this pic never would have made the cut.

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  1. haha I love it, so much fun. I also love "spaz magee" since my hubby calls ME that sometimes. :)
    Stopped over from another blog and just wanted to say hi and love your blog! :)