Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oldest Biggest Day

Oldest had a big day today, surgery #2 on his ear. See, he had this lump that showed up a year or so ago and we had it removed in October. Pathology report: cyst. Gross.

Pre-op, too cool for school 

The day we went to pick up Charley from his deployment Oldest's ear started oozing. Even grosser.

ENT doctor decided he needed to go back in and clean out whatever is built up in there- hence surgery #2. So as of right now there are a few options as to what exactly was growing in his ear lobe.

#1: another cyst
#2: the sutures from surgery 1 didn't dissolve properly and became infected
#3: unknown
Post-op, not so cool now huh...

So now we are playing the waiting game until the lab sends its findings. Hopefully next week we will have some answers.

Lucky boy got to keep his ear lobe!! 
Dr. wasn't sure he could save it =) 

Cross your fingers and dot your i's that this is the end of ear lobe drama.

Poor boy has been sleeping ever since. 
Codine is good like that.