Thursday, April 7, 2011

Animal Education, by Randall

Watch and be educated. If you produce nature shows of one kind or another keep this guy in mind for your next gig. I bet more people would watch documentaries if they were as fantastic as this one.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Baskets and Naked Bunnies

Searching for the "perfect" Easter basket for Littlest has been a hair pulling, "no you aren't getting Dora so stop having a fit or I will give you a real reason to cry," "Holy cow, I'm never bringing you out in public again. Ever." sort of thing every year. Of course it could be worse. I could have to search for a basket for Oldest too. Luckily for me C's mom saves everything including his childhood basket. Oldest has since inherited said bunny basket and loves it- saving me precious brain cells every year. 

Littlest had the cutest basket for a few years before it turned into a toy and was subsequently destroyed. Every basket since has followed in its predecessor's footsteps so this year I decided I wouldn't spend any more money on something she will destroy in less than a week. You guessed it- I made one.

Crochet holding 3 colors of yarn together: Green Purple White

Problem is, this is boooooooorrrrrrrring so I added in some green and purple ribbon.

Not gonna lie, I still think this is fairly boring so I scoured the internet for some sort of appliqué or something to give this baby some life. I went with naked bunnies. 

Naked bunny needed a friend. And a bow tie. Every 'bunny' knows naked looks better with a bow tie. And an eyeball, they definitely needed eyeballs.

See there? All dresses up in their bow ties and ready for their chippendale auditions. Poor bunny on the left doesn't stand a chance, they don't like guys with droopy eyeballs and his just won't stay up.

So here we have it folks, one naked bunny Easter basket. Total cost: 0 dollars. Mental humor every time I see it: PRICELESS.
(although I still think its kinda boring, any suggestions?) 

ps. keep in mind this is for a 4 year old.

pps. any ideas on what to put in a 10 year old boy's Easter basket? I'm clueless.