Friday, October 15, 2010

My Car is Possessed and Other Unfortunate Events

Ya know how sometimes you park in front of a building that has rows of windows and you can see your car's reflection? Well, either my car is possessed or the buildings I park in front of are haunted. Seeing as I park in front of lots of buildings I'm inclined to believe that its my car. I try to be good to her, sure the exploding soda cans were an oversight on my part, but maintenance is almost always only a few months late. Now she is expressing her dislike of my ownership or some mean spirited ghost has possessed her. I think its the ghost cause who wouldn't want to be my car??? 

Anywho, besides the exploding radiator and ruptured brake lines we now have the "magic lights." And by magic lights I mean sometimes when I see her reflection the headlights both work and sometimes only one works. And it isn't always the same one thats not working. I'm thinking this poltergeist has personality, likes variety and long walks on the beach. I'm giving her free reign until Charley get here (he gets on the helicopter tomorrow-ish!!!!!) At that point he is gonna kick her sorry butt out of there and my poor baby car can return to normal.

In other news Oldest thought he saw a mouse in the basement. And then I thought I saw mouse poop in the basement. I bought those sticky traps, lots of them, and strategically placed them around the perimeter just like it says to. Do you think I caught the mouse? Nope, that would be too normal for my house. Instead I'm catching birds. Birds with yellow feathers. Birds that have no hope of becoming unstuck from the sticky. Poor birds.

And then there is Littlest. She had to get some shots and shots equal ear splitting screeching, crying, and gnashing of teeth followed by crabby butt. Speaking of butts, yesterday she came out of the bathroom and announced "My butt hates me" and ran to her room. Gotta love my punks : )