Tuesday, February 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Hair Clip (tutorial)

This is one super easy peasy hair clip! All you need is 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon and a clip to glue it on. I added a  dime size "sparkley" in the middle to dress it up (available at Wally in the kids craft section). Note: I use a wood burning tool to cut/heat seal my ribbon ends. If you don't have one use a lighter/candle/campfire to heat seal the ends of your ribbon.

Cut and heat seal 4 four inch pieces of ribbon and 1 three inch piece.
 Fold each piece in half and put a dot of hot glue in the crease.
 Repeat on all four inch pieces
 Next, pull the sides down to make a heart shape. Glue the two ends together.
 Line up two hearts and glue them together by slightly overlapping the very ends.
 Here is I added Littlest's "sparkley." Just glued it right on top and then glued the stem onto the back.
 My stem was looking too long so trimmed it a bit- say hello to my wood burning tool :)
 Whalla! Four leaf clover!
All it needs is a clip and you are good to go! I use lined double prong alligator clips, but you can use whatever you have available.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bitty Bo-Biddle

Reminiscing today. I found its a good thing to do every now and again, how else would I reconcile the fact that this mug:

  is any way related to this one:

Or how about these:

I miss my red hair and being skinny.
Mostly the skinny.

To the boy, my oldest, my mini-me; Please stop growing- you are making me look old.

Probably I should go red again, maybe that would help.