Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smart Kids = Awesome Person to Take Care of you in RETIREMENT

I am a 30- something, no more spring chicken, so Hubbs and I have been talking a lot about saving money for retirement. I came up with a super hush hush secret plan we will call "My Kid Is Smart." Now the genius in that everyone will assume you are helping your child be the best they can be but what actually is happening is I am preparing them for future careers that will ensure I have a happy retirement.

For example: Oldest is going to be the doctor and Littlest will be a veterinarian. I started brain washing already, they don't have much choice at this point. Now see, great careers + good money makers = nice big comfy home with a sweet little cottage in the back for dear old Mom and Dad. PERFECTION. Free rent and easy access to grandbabies. Isn't that what retirement is all about?

On with the "My Kid is Smart" plan: Littlest started Kindergarten this year (Wahhhhhhhaaahahahahhahahha). During the second week of school she came home and announced "I decided I can read now" and boy did she. I couldn't believe it, she had been holding out on me! The catch is though that she will only read what she wants to read and in typical K-grade style she is more interested in looking at the pictures and making up her own story.

Fiddling around on Pintrest I cam across this blog and decided "I can do that" and so I did. Only slightly different, mostly because I forgot what kind of paint chips I needed and I had also forgotten my phone so I couldn't look it up and the lady at the paint counter thought I was crazy when I asked her about it and gave me the side eye while I snatched up about 100 paint card thingies. I wanted to make sure I had enough- sue me.

SO, here it is- Operation Word Family. For a complete list of everything/ how to make it the right way go here.

Here are the Word Families (words that all end the same)

Here is Chubaca- intrigued by all the pretty colors (or my burrito).

He just couldn't keep his dang nose out of it.
Admittedly, it is pretty awesome.

The pink stack is word beginnings- 'totally' different
than the original- what can I say, I am a rebel.

My computer hates me. It won't let me rotate this pic.
Whatev- Right? You get the idea.

I did eventually cut all the word endings into 3 parts so it would be easier to work with/less distracting. 
Pretty amazing, Right?

B-Dub OUT.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thought I Fell Off the Planet? Me Too!!

Ahhh, Blogger- I have missed you! Sorry for the absence but crafting, school starting, and living sort of got in the way.

During my absence I have been busy (Get it, Busy B-Dub....) getting my craft on, don't worry I will share my ideas and how-to's. I even opened an Etsy Shop for all you B-Dub coolness needs.

BTW, have you discovered Pinterest? Totally addicted, chuck full of excellent ideas- and a way to organize them? Awesome. This site is invite only so let me know if you are in need- I can totally hook you up!

And now I'm off again- Oldest needs to be picked up. Until next time, meanwhile enjoy the eye candy: (obviously available in my Etsy Shop- shameless self promotion, I know...)