Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finishing up the Pumpkin Patch... finally.

So after escaping the Whiny Girl Who Shall Not Be Spoken of Ever Again Who Might Have Been Wearing A Pink Shirt; we went through the corn maze. It was my very first corn maze experience. And it was a good one let me tell you. Now keep in mind that we had already enjoyed the bounty of the pumpkin patch for a few hours; and that we had awoken the smallish punk from her nap in order to stop and pick up the hideous pink Dora the Explorer hat that will haunt me in my sleep; and that we had been bowling the night before and stayed up till like 11pm. And anyone who has a smallish punk of the 3 year old variety knows that up late + no nap + hours at the pumpkin patch jumping in the hay = no fun in the corn maze.

And I was really looking forward to the corn maze. Did I mention that it was my first one? Everything started off really well. At the entrance to the corn maze we were given a paper with 10 boxes on it. Our mission was to find all 10 stations in the maze and utilize the stamp at said station on the corresponding box on our paper. Sounds easy right? And it started off easy. We found the first station NO PROBLEMO! And the next thing we knew we were at station 6. What happened to 2-5 we did not know; but we trudged on. Oh how we trudged.

Mostly the trudging was cause Bekum had Ty-Guy in the Snuggli, and Punk #2 was insisting on me carring her. And she got big this summer. And my back isn't what it used to be. And did I mention the bowling? Bowling uses its very own muscle groups. Muscle groups that were atrophied in my case. So carrying a 30 or 40 pound punk through the corn maze wasn't gonna happen for long. And it didn't. And she was ticked but Momma B-Dub made her do it anyways and Dadda was on the phone and he said it was for her own good anyways so Momma B-Dub didn't feel the slightest bit badly for Punk #2 cause it was for her OWN GOOD!

And do you see this guy. The one way up above the corn field in the "make him go up and down thingy that I don't know the technical name for"???? Well, his up and down thingy is located in the smack dab middle of the corn field. Now imagine trying to find 10 stations in that mess with a small, now exhausted, wanting to be carried punk. FUN!


Do you know the Spongebob Squarepants F-U-N song?
F is for Friends who do stuff together
U is for U and Me
N is for aNy time and aNy where at all; down here in the deep blue sea!

And then Plankton takes over:

F is for Fire that BURNS down the WHOLE TOWN
U is for Uranium BOMB
N is for NO SURVIVORS! (at this point Spongebob interrupts)

This pretty much describes the mood swings littlest punk went through today. Started off happy like SB then turned into Plankton, and finally when we reached the actual PUMPKIN portion of the PUMPKIN patch she returned to Spongebob.


 So Many Pumpkins; So Little Time......
But whats really great is the Hay Tractor in the back ground. Who knew you could make a tractor out of hay? Not me! And you know what else. While we were there a lady came up and laid her 8 day old baby in the middle of these pumpkins and called him the "Pick of the Patch." Oh, My, Goodness! I want, no I NEED to have another punk so I can take him/her to the pumpkin patch upon his/her 8th day of life outside the womb to take fabulous pictures and call him/her the PICK OF THE PATCH!!!!

Although this will take considerable, meticulous planning. And I will have to get the Hubby to agree. And that isn't gonna happen but he might cave on the whole "Pygmy Marmoset" issue. He did in fact tell me that he would rather have adorable tiny baby monkey than have another offspring. So I think thats a "NO" in the baby department.

Although, I haven't used the "Pick of the Patch Picture" argument with him yet. Maybe.......

And will you just look at this mug. Who wouldn't want another one of these running around? Or how about this next one? Hmmm? Who can resist the cuteness of Ty-Guy with his very first pumpkin. Even if his Momma picked a GREEN pumpkin instead of a traditional orange. Mean old Momma Bekum. Although she did bring his John Deere blanket. He fit right in with all us other County Folk.

And the Hay Tractor.

Thus ends our trip to the pumpkin patch. We did make it home with three pumpkins, and tonight we carve people. Wish me luck- and Bekum, don't worry! We are gonna wait till you are off of work to begin; Wouldn't want you to miss out on any of the fun!

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