Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know you have been chomping at the bit to know whats been running through this head of mine; so I am gonna let you have it! Welcome to the second Random Thoughts on a Random Day!

1. My three year old wants her own bathroom. Background info: We have 2 bathrooms in our house, 1 upstairs (MINE! and I am not sharing!) and 1 down stairs, the downstairs is for the  kids. "The Kids" are a 9 year old punky boy and the 3 year old punky girl.

I asked the girl punk why she was going upstairs, and she responded that she was going to use MY facilities. Oh no she didn't! I corrected her by screaming at the top of my lungs  gently reminding  her that she has her own bathroom. Response:

"But Momma, brother has poops all in it. I need a clean one!"

Which brings us to #2,  hee hee.

2. Regardless of how many times you tell a punky 9 year old about the goodness of a courtesy flush he never seems to remember and proceeds to clog said potty with giant wads of tp. And don't get me started on poo rings.

3. The Lady Ga was on GMA. I LUVRE the Lady Ga.

Your Welcome

4. We have about 3 inches of snow outside. The snow is covering about an inch of ice that I discovered while trying to take the trash to the curb for pick up. We live on a hill and I busted my B-Dub booty, proceeded to slide down the driveway on the Booty, and deposit the trash all over my yard. The trashcan is sitting in the middle of the yard while I consider "plan B" which will not involve B-Dub Booty Busting. I might even pick up the trash at some point.

5. My sister is 13 weeks pregger! Whoot!

And that is all Webbies, until next time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Bumper Stickers

I keep getting e-mail about super fab bumper stickers that HAVE to go on my rocking out 94 Camry. I guess the fact that my car was indeed birthed in 1994 does seem to grant it special bumper sticker wearing privileges, all senior citizens should have stickers riding on their bum announcing to the world their (in this case) political affiliations. Its a privilege that comes with age, get over it and like it. Here we go!

Ok, ok, ok, I get it. I am feeling a bit "Anti" today. Obama fans need not feel bad, I am against EVERYTHING today, and it isn't my fault that someone made such rad bumper stickers and that my mother e-mailed them to me. Or that C and I laughed for-ev-er about them. Get over it.

Additionally, the countdown has begun. Less than 1 week left of Charley loving. Today Tennessee, next week Afghanistan. But the super fantastic fabulous butterfly filled sparkley glitter fun fact is that my Bestie Bekum, Tee, and baby Ty-guy are all coming to visit on Thursday!!! It's important to squeeze this visit in as C has not yet made the acquaintance of Ty-guy.

Until we meet again Webbies!

Might not post so much cause we are gonna spend some "quality" time before C leaves us. I will be back when I can!