Friday, March 30, 2012

St Jude Hero

Ya know how every little girl thinks her Daddy is a hero? I am super lucky that I my Daddy has become a hero to more than just me- he is a St. Jude Hero! Daddy is looking for sponsors for his next marathon. Every penny he raises will go directly to St Jude Children's Research Hospital!

"I have decided to participate in my next endurance event as a St. Jude Hero. 
My fundraising efforts will directly support the work of St. Jude Children’s
 Research Hospital to find cures and save the lives of children fighting 
cancer and other deadly diseases, and I am asking for your help!"

Daddy likes to show off his Super Hero status- every year "Captain Normal" makes his appearance and just as mysteriously Daddy is nowhere to be found. Coincidence? I think not!

Captain Normal, Lobster Doggie, and My Littest
(she loves having her pic taken with celebrities!)

"I am going to reach the finish line of my event 
and your support will help St. Jude reach
 its goal of finding cures for pediatric catastrophic
 diseases through research and treatment.

 And because of you and your super blog friends, 
St. Jude is getting one step closer to the day when no child will die in the dawn of life."

I know times are tough out there is this economy but we all know every little bit helps so visit my Daddy's, I mean "Captain Normal's" Hero Page and make a donation to St Jude Hospital.