Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Rules Should Never Be Broken!

I have an issue being here in the new house. See I don't have the essentials here, like say a sharp knife of any kind. Cut the kids chicken with scissors, wasn't my greatest moment let me tell you. I also don't have a laptop or desktop, or a washer and dryer. That's what led to our latest adventure. Anyone with kids knows how vital a washer and dryer are.

So we made a happy little trip to the laundry mat. No biggie, two basket and two comforters- we should be in and out in a jiffy! Ha Ha on me. More like almost 5 hours because:

1. Had to wait for empty machines.
2. Machines only took powder detergent and all I had was liquid.
3. NO ATM. Seriously? What, do you think normal people walk around with 20 bucks in quarters in their pockets?
4. Had to load kids back into car for an ATM run.
5. Realize that the dang washers cost FOUR DOLLARS and .50 per load. Screw starting a llama farm, we are gonna open a laundry mat!!
6. Had to wait for dryers, and once clothes were dry there was the folding.

All this with two Punky Punks? It was almost too much for me. What really put me over the top was CREEPY DUDE staring at me the whole time I was folding clothes. I couldn't figure it out, did I have a booger hanging? Was he in awe that I was trying to get a 3 year old to help match socks? I tried the evil eye a few times with no success. What was his deal?

Yeah, I looked down at my pile of clothes and saw a matching bra and panty set laying out for the world, and Creepy Dude, to see. CD, didn't anyone explain the laundry mat rules to you? Allow me! Never, ever, stare at a Foxy Lady's undergarments unless they don't match, or have crazy holes in them, or unless they are granny panties (cause then your just asking for it). Don't openly stare at a perfectly normal stripey, not even Vicky Secret but more like the Target knock off brand, undergarment sets! Its rude, and it almost earned you a roundhouse kick to the face.

And so, the moral of the story is that when C gets here in 2 days he gets to do the next laundry run. Let CD try staring at my undies then! And if you are one of the other patrons at the Mat yesterday, I'm sorry for my kids. They've never met a stranger, and littlest didn't mean to consume your tasty beverage- she thought it was mine. Get over it already, I bought you a new one!