Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cow and Boy, Perfect Combination

Helen the cow.

There are some days that make it worth it to dress up like a cow. Chick-fil-a, or in my dyslexic family Chick - a - fil had 'dress like a cow and get free food' day. We all dressed up. Helen won the cutest cow award.

Now, this may seem like shameless free advertising for Chick-a-fill, but really it's a way to shamelessly share some pic's of my punks. Here it comes:

Note the designer duds handmade by Bert, leading fashion director: Wenger devision. 

Who wouldn't love a big ol slobbery cow kiss? 
Hair and Ear design by Momma B-Dub

But wait! Where is my punk kid #1??? Why was he not also photographed in his cow costume? Did he not also enjoy the goodness of FREE food at Chick - a - fil?
Let me just say:
1. Nana had the camera, so I don't have any Jaren the Cow pictures.
2. I am substituting this photo from his birthday instead.
3. No, he wasn't aware that his Transformer mask was upside down.
4. Is upside down mask wearing in the same disabilities family as dyslexia?
5. It is! Good, he fits right in with the rest of us weirdo's. And I wouldn't change him for anything.
Although, I might just delete this picture. It's a bit strange. But it does feature Ice Cream, and I do love Ice Cream..... 

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