Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Homeschool Curriculum: Usborne Books

When I sat down to try and develop my son's curriculum this year I was stumped. I knew I couldn't afford to my a "curriculum in a box" so I needed to be creative! I mean just last week I ... maybe, last month... Oh, I've got it! About two months ago... Okay, so I'm not creative. Sue me or send HELP, either way.

I started by scouring the Internet. Surely this was going to be easy; I am great with Google! Unfortunately, the more I looked the more expensive this whole "home school" thing was turing out to b e. "There has to be a way" I kept telling myself. Then inspiration struck! The Library! Whoot! I CAN be creative! Or perhaps if I had just asked other home schoolers they could have given me the answers. But I don't know any, so that idea is out...

You heard me, I am starting my own home school and I don’t know ANYONE else who is already doing it. I am striking out on my own with no wise words from a friend to help me. If you are reading this and you home school feel free to leave all the advice you want. I will cherish each word like a priceless jewel. Lets face it. I need help.


Usborne books were first brought to my attention when reading up on The Pioneer Woman. She has a home school section on her website. It’s my lifeline at the moment. She is my hero. She can run a ranch AND home school 4 punks. Woah.


My own punk and I started our year in science studying the Universe. That’s a broad subject; wish I had some one who would have clued me in before we jumped in with both feet! I scoured the library and checked out probably 45 different books on the topic. Then I made my eldest read about 30 of them and thought I had done the best job of home schooling EVER!

Turns out, all I did was confuse the heck out of him. He couldn’t keep the names of constellations separate from the names of nebulae or the planets. Then, inspiration struck! If PW (that’s Pioneer Woman for short) could use Usborne books then so could I.

Trudge back to the library. Find Usborne book

Revel in simplicity, organized thoughts, brilliant illustrations, and detail. Wholeness.

Usborne books are checked over by the experts to ensure accuracy. They are chocked full of full color pictures and diagrams to help the kiddos see, for example, what the inside of the Sun and other stars and planets look like.

They have an “Internet-Linked” series that, you guessed it, provide a URL where you can go and find regularly updated links to further explore the topic at hand.

Usborne books can be found online, or through individuals who sell (kinda like Avon representatives). I found many on ebay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Border’s online bookstore. The price is usually right- most sell for under $10! I have also found they my local library has quite the selection- for my 9 year old AND my 3 year old! Can’t get any better than free!


So the real question is, Have you used Usborne books? Would you recommend them to your new to homeschooling friends? Tell me what you think!

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