Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, Your Majesty

Helen and Helen's TeaPot (my grandpa Deward, age 87)

My littlest spawn has a problem. If she were to go to an anonymous meeting she would probably introduce herself as follows:

"Hi! Her name is Helen. Helen wants Helen's swimsuit on. Helen wants Helen's pool. Helen wants blue swimsuit, Helen." (and so on...)

Helen and Helen's kitchen

She can't stop speaking in the third person, and she can't get her sentence structure right. She is only 3 after all. The real issue is that now WE are all starting to talk to her the way she talks to us! I knew from the moment I said:

"Helen, go sit on Helen's potty"   or,
"Helen, go eat Helen's lunch"   or,
"Helen, put on Helen's shirt right now!"

Et cetera.....

My child is doomed. I haven't always spoken thusly. I don't know when it started, or how to stop it. It no longer just affects the immediate family but also the nephew, the brother - in -law (who can't have a conversation without saying "essentially" so I guess to each his own. Daemons that is), the Nana and Pops. EVERYONE around her is being sucked in.

Chubaca, waiting to make sure nothing truly edible comes from that kitchen.

When Chubaca starts, I will forever throw in the towel. Until then Helen's Momma will keep trying. Because thats what Momma's are for. (Not to mention that Helen's Dadda will reunite with the family in about 6 weeks- Please let her figure it out before then or he might think something is really and truly wrong!)


  1. Helen's auntie Bert thinks there is nothing wrong with her saying "You want to ride in Auntie Berts car with Helen?" The "essentially" however is on it's way out the door.....37 year olds are much easier to teach than 3 year olds :).

  2. Well, Bert, I might just have to disagree with you! I heard "essentially" just today during a conversation about seizures while dropping off a certain brown haired boy.....