Friday, March 12, 2010

Its One of Those, Don't Say I Didn't Warn Ya

Ever have one of those blogging kinda days where there is so much to talk about, and so little space to do it in? I think bullet points are appropriate for this kind of post:

* First and foremost, I need to give a HUGE thanks to blogy friend Katy for sending Littlest some hair bows. This about sums up her reaction:

Sorry for the creepy red-eye, being lazy today...

* Overheard some kids today, and by kids I mean 14 year old boys, giving advice to each other. 
Boy one: "Dude, did you know if you shave your legs it makes your calf muscles grow BIGGER??"
Boy two: "Are you freakin serious?!? Think my Mom will notice if I borrow her razer?"
For this, I have no words. To my Oldest. Yes, yes I will notice if you use my razer, and I will not be happy.

* I paid off TWO credit cards today!!!!! Best feeling EVER, till I looked at the bank account and saw that it was running low.

*To cheer myself up I went and bought a camera. Kinda not quite with the whole "get out of debt plan" but I had to send my other one to Charley in Afghanistan and I seriously felt vulnerable without one. I bought a Canon Power Shot SD 980 IS. Doesn't mean anything to you? Yeah, me neither. But its PRETTY!!

*Charley called and told me he had a dream where we were video conferencing and suddenly my new boyfriend came up and kissed me on the cheek. First of all, I lovingly reminded him, he is married to a freakin hermit who can't seem to leave the Log Cabin without experiencing some sort of embarrassing kid moment. Second of all, my new BFF is a 7 ft tall Trany. His response? "I think I really like your new BFF, has she given you any cool makeup advice?" Me: "...   ....    ..... Are you sure you aren't gay?"

* This one is for real B-Dubbers, I need your advice! When you go and pick up Chinese food do you tip the guy? I never know what to do! Right there on the receipt that I have to sign is a spot for a tip, but I just drove my happy self and two punks all the freakin way over here to pick it up!!! Today I did not leave a tip. And the old man scowled. Oh how he scowled. Do you tip when you get take out?

* I had an e-mail from my FRG (Family Readiness Group, for those who don't speak Army) lady today. And I quote:
"Please be aware:  One of our Soldiers received an unsolicited email from
someone who knew her husband had deployed and offered a "discrete
relationship." wary of anyone offering unsolicited services - some

criminals like to try to determine whose husbands are deployed so they
can target these families."

To which I replied "Some ladies have all the luck." Just got her response. "You ARE kidding right?"
Further, I am an excellent shot with my Matilda, and should she run out of ammo I can always use her as a club. So go ahead Doers of Evil, try and make it past my front door. 

*  We have too many guns. But Fairy Princess Barbie loves them, so they stay. And really, any of them would be useful if someone tried to break in. Too bad for me they are up and outta reach of small hands. Probably, I should practice getting them down and loaded just in case I actually need to one day.

Anyone still here??? Whew, you are one of the few who actually made it through this randombloggery! And here's a teaser for you: I think my dog is trying to take over the world, one possessed picture at a time. More tomorrow.


  1. Seriously, you are freakin hilarious!!

    Hair bows are adorable and her reaction is even cuter!

    Good for you, paying off two credit cards! Thats great! Wanna pay mine off too? Just asking :) lol

    Charleys dream, so funny but poor guy. What a bad dream...wait, is it weird that its funny and sad at the same time...

    If you pick up the food then I don't think they should get a tip. I think that's fair.

    I love how you explain for those of us who don't speak Army :) I think you made your point with the pics. So funny!

  2. That picture with the hair bows.. that is pure joy. Great pic.

  3. Just have to say that Littlest punk...oh how i miss her that is just freakin adorable :)

  4. Hair bows are really cute. Oh and congrats about paying off the credit cards. In this economy that's no small feat.

  5. Oo0o0o0o0o pretty bang bangs.... I'm a lousy shot but I do like things what administer lead pills at a distance. Lead pills cure stupid but I can't get the funding for my research for some legal reasoning....

  6. I love you. Will you move to WI? I'll teach you how to load those guns. HAHA just kidding I no idea what to do with those things.

    1. Pictures of little punk = adorable.

    2. Yay about the credit cards and the camera!

    3. Um, NO I don't think you have to tip when YOU pick it up. Maybe I am doing it all wrong, but I don't.

  7. As to the first picture .. oh my god a miniture cheer leader.. pompoms n all! Lol

  8. You do not tip when you get takeout. Tips are for people who bring food to you as in waiters or pizza delivery guys.

    There was this pizza place where we used to go for lunch during work, and we would try to just order at the counter and then sit down and eat, but they were sneaky in that they would have us sit down and then have the waitress deliver our food forcing us to tip.

  9. haha...FRG...gotta love those gals. I stay far-far-away!!! Too much drama for me :)

    P.S. Thank you for the thoughts & prayers for my little man.

  10. Hmm, interesting. The picture is adorable, and I like it.

  11. I did make it all the way through...And congrats on paying off two credit cards and yes Canon Power Shot does mean something to me I have one. Have an amazing day! Jamie

  12. I'm glad she likes her hairbows! Her expression really is priceless :)