Thursday, March 11, 2010


Had to take the punks to the Doctor. Yearly checkups and all that jazz- nothing serious. Or so I thought!!! A vision exam is part of the whole deal, and this year was the very first time that Littlest got to participate. Her chart is a little different, it uses pictures instead of letters. She didn't score very well. Up close and personal she accurately identified all the objects. At 10 ft away she got some of them and by 20 ft she could only identify the top ones (ya know the SUPER huge ones).

So my normal, average, super cute,  three year old is being sent to an Ophthalmologist. Not and Optometrist. What's the difference B-Dub? has the answer for you!

Ophthalmologist is a physician who specializes in the study of anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the eye and diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the eye. 

Optometrist is a person who is awarded a degree of Doctor of Optometry (OD) after at least two years of college and four years in an approved college of optometry followed by a passing state board exam and licensing. 

See, you learn important stuff here. And now I need ya, B-Dubbers. Cause what happens if Littlest is given glasses?? She is three, she owns exactly 23 pairs of sunglasses and wears exactly 2 pair a month for a total of 1.8 minutes. Glasses in real life are going to be  horrific, for me- not her- only I guess her too. Anywhoozle what I'm getting at is HOW is it POSSIBLE to keep glasses on a kid??? Please Advise.

She will eat all kinds of cake until she barfs
or passes out in a sugar induced coma;
 she will NOT wear glasses. 
Not even if cake is used to bribe.

In other news: I think the squirrels have invoked a mating ritual on my roof.  Which is indeed a metal roof. Unsure if Chubaca will make it. I just loaded the bb gun cause I think my shotgun could potentially damage the roof. Crawley-scratchey noises must end.


  1. Like any good queen would tell you, my love: DUCT TAPE.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, she will see better and she will wear them. I know, I know, she's three and the chances of that are slim to none. (They do make elastic straps for kids with glasses. . .)

    Trace was 5 physically (mentally she was about 2.5 to 3 years of age) when she got hers and she wore them so maybe, maybe.

  3. Some kids love glasses. My brother went to school with a kid who needed glasses until he was 12 and then didn't need them any more, but he wouldn't let them go.

    It doesn't sound like she will love glasses though.

    I have no advice really, just a story.

  4. I'll bet those glasses making peeps are onto the shenanigans of a 3 year old and have straps and belts and velcro doodads to help you out! They better!

  5. You can get a strap to hold her glasses on. Poor little miss, she'll get used to them. (Hopefully)

  6. My friend is the Optha-one. He's got sort of a God complex. Cute barfy picture!!! BTW are you a good shot with the BB Gun?

  7. Oh boy, we didn't know my lil darlin didn't need glasses until 3rd grade. I think you're going to get a strap or something to keep them on her head. Oh, and buy them in multiples. My daughther averages 3 pair a year.

  8. My four year-old niece has been wearing glasses for a year now. I think she's on her third pair, but my sister got smart and got them from Wal-Mart which has some replacement plan. She may like wearing them because unlike the sunglasses they will actually help her see things.

    Anyway, it's good that she is diagnosed before she gets to school. I'm pretty sure (based upon how bad my eyesight is) that I've always needed glasses, but I wasn't diagnosed until second grade.

  9. Oh how I have missed you!! I promise to never leave again, k!?

    Glasses, ugh...hopefully there's a trick, I got nothin. Poor thing!

    Good luck with that squirrel thing. Good call on the gun. :)

  10. I came across your blog from "Friday Follow" and am now following you via Google Friend Connect. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. <3

  11. I love that picture of her with cake all over her face! I'm glad you like the hairbows! I love your daughter's name :)

  12. haha..if she has to wear glasses, she will do what I did and "accidentally" lose them. on purpose. often.

  13. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog today. Following you now. And to answer your question, without seeing you I'm going to say yes, it is possible to tighten some maybe even most if not all (depending on age.) Just know that it is a slower process.

  14. fyi for a pair of glasses cheap go to you will spend a lotttttt less money this way my dear... =)