Monday, March 15, 2010

Chubaca Exposed

I know, I know, I promised this post like days ago but it really isn't my fault it's late!!! See, my computer is almost 6 years old. Super Ancient. And like any geriatric patient it needs a lot of maintenance to keep it running. Newest prob? Registry errors (Code 19 for all the super geeks out there). My computer is officially the Joan Rivers. I don't know how long I can keep it up and running, but we have been through so very much together that the thought of getting a new one feels like betrayal. Not to mention that my CD ROMs aren't working so I can't get all my pics and other such nonsense off of this one to put on another. Sads.

But, true to form Chubaca continues his quest for world domination regardless of my computing issues. Charley used to think I was crazy when I told him that Chuey would speak to me. And he never did believe me when I told him "Chuey made me do it." Well, take this Unbelievers, I have photographic evidence that my pooch is possessed. See:

He is looking at me...

Here he is having one of his "little episodes." Usually there is a lot of rolling
around on the floor, drooling, and sometimes gagging.

See?!?!?! He even grows freakin HORNS!

We tried using baby Ty-Guy to drive the demons out.
We were unsuccessful.
Send Help.


  1. Code 19 is referring to your CD/DVD Rom drives. You might try updating your drivers and see if that helps. Often that's all it is. Or try the program CCleaner if you haven't already: I swear by it. I was floored at how much crap it got rid of - plus it has a registry scanner that can repair and errors in your registry.

  2. I like CCleaner too and I like your crazy dog!

  3. Can I have him? Super cute doggie!

  4. He's a cute kind of posessed. Well, except for the second picture, which leaves me feeling sort of afraid of his teeth...