Monday, March 8, 2010

Giveaway Update and a Day @ the Park. Sads.

As a rule, I try and keep my posts short. I know ya'll are all pretty busy and all. Today is gonna have to be the exception cause SOOO much happened this weekend and I promised an update on the Giveaway Extravaganza. If your not sure what it is- you must be newish to my blog so go here and catch up.

Just the bare facts:

In the last week I entered 69 (he he) giveaways. Of those 69, 22 of the giveaways have ended. Of the 22 giveaways that ended I won the following:

Misikko Flat Iron- retail value: $300.00
Bee Well Tee Shirt- retail value: (their site is having technical difficulties so I am guessing here) $20.00
Eden Fantasy (oh, yes Webbers!) Giftcard: $25.00
Bored Inc. (choice of 1 item): super glamorous black purse with candy print for Littlest: $30.00
Super Cute Hair Bows (also for Littlest) from Backwoods Boy and a Fairytale Princess: Priceless.

So, funny and also true story, the top 4 giveaway prizes were all from the same place! It would appear that the only time I win a giveaway (with the exception of 1) is when it's from Mass Hole Mommy. I think its because I scream at her on twitter and she thinks the niceness will end unless she bribes me with free stuff.  And she is pretty much right.

So enough with the giveaways and onto the horror that was yesterday. See you prolly all thought I was being funny with the whole "Accepting Best Friend Applications" post. Turns out, I really and truly NEED you. We moved to Tennessee the week before Christmas. And by "we" I mean the kids and I- Charley had to go up to Montana and meet with the movers and pick up his truck. He finally arrived about the 4th of January. Christmas just wasn't the same this year, thats for sure.

Anywhoozle, since we moved here I have met exactly 3 people. Trist, who technically is Charley's friend not mine, and is now deployed. My neighbors, who are a lovely couple that over scheduled themselves leaving no time for hanging out with the psycho that move in next door. And thats it. The complete list. Sads.

In my own defense we have had a lot of visitors- in-laws, siblings, Besties, and my Daddy-O (aka Captain Normal). So now that Charley and Trist are gone and pretty much everyone I know has come to visit I have not much to look forward to. I need some friends.

Yesterday was an awesome day (weather wise) so I decided it would be the bee's knee's if I took the kids to the park. Added benefit? I might meet some one willing to lower themselves to my level and hang out sometime. I forgot exactly who it was I was taking to the park though, and they sabotaged every chance I had at meeting people.

Example 1. I strike up a convo with this lady who has twin girls (Perfect for Littlest!!) Biggest decides he needs to use the restroom. Fine, I sent him off across the parking lot to the not fab port-o- pot style restroom. He returns a few minutes later and I kid you not says: "That bathroom is really gross Mom! It won't flush and there is POOP everywhere, even on the floor! And there was no toilet paper so I had to go outside and get some leaves to wipe with. I think I got some poop on my shoe."

Needless to say that by the time he was done narrating his tale the other Mom had split the coop. Strike 1 for B-Dub.

Example 2. My dog Chubaca loves the park! Especially when I let him go down the slide with the kids. Littlest was playing with a new friend and wanted to show said friend how Chuey can go down the slide. The park was PACKED and I didn't want to let him off the leash in case he got a hair up his arse to run away (which he does at every opportunity). Solution? I would go down the slide too! Perfect! So I haul myself up the stairs leading the dog. Littlest goes down the slide, her friend goes, my turn! I start down, leash firmly in hand; Chuey doesn't follow. I give a tug on the leash and he finally decides to follow. When we get to the bottom I discovered that the reason he didn't come down on his own was that his foot was stuck. Friend's Mom decided to rip me a new one for cruelty to animals. I followed up by politely informing her that her kid looked like a monkey and she needed to mind her own beeswax. Strike 2.

Example 3. I am starting to feel defeated at this point and was about to throw in the towel when Biggest found a boy his age to play with- I overheard something about poop in their convo and proceeded to tune out the rest. Littlest made nice with a girl only 2 months younger than herself! Sa-Weet! So I am chatting it up with the New Best Friend's Mom when the girls come running over. They were laughing and chatting and screeching at the top of their lungs when out of nowhere Littlest says "Uh Oh" and proceeds to pee herself. Strike 3.

Welcome to my life. I have now decided that I won't make new friends until my kids have graduated and moved out of the house. Seriously. I guess I will have to commute to NC (hey, its only a 10 hour drive- no biggie) anytime I need human interaction. Until then I will hide away in my Log Cabin, because everyone knows that Log Cabins breed Hermits. Thats me, B-Dub the Hermit.

Tomorrow? Reviewing Best Friend Applications. If after reading this post you feel the need to withdraw your name from consideration I completely understand.


  1. You know you always have friends on here....seriously!!!!

  2. Wow! The kids are definitely making it difficult for you to make friends! I'm sorry!

  3. Sooo funny! Did you really think that the "my kids embarrass the padookie out of me every time I go anywhere" would pass you by? When in fact you were a master of this your whole life????? Ahhhhh the joy of being a grandparent- hehehe. All I can say now is WOW, the world just keeps on revolving around and around, and the more it revolves, the more it is the same. I do feel your pain about the besties, and I have a suggestion that will sit like a pebble in your panties, can you guess what it is? Yes! You got it on the first try! Try church! You will meet tons of other moms with deployed hubbies and kids that are driving them nuts. And the kids will have other kids to play with and drive you even nuttier.......or if things get bad enough call and I will drive up..........yup just what I thought, zero for two.

  4. BTW, love the pic of the kids!

  5. i miss those kids. I really hope little Ty-guy doesnt do that, but Im sure he will.

  6. Sounds like a great time at the park. Great pic and blog too!


  7. Girl, we're in the same boat.

    I gave up on looking for friends Ufff...awhile back. I finally chose to make a pact with myself just like you did, friends shall be made till they go off to college but you know what's funny most of the people my age will be busy raising their families by the time mine are out of the house.Downside of starting a fam young.

    humph... So come to think of it I would be back to not having friends again even then :/
    That Sucks.

    Much Luv,

  8. You made it sound like a bad thing.

    Since moving here 5 years ago the only people I know in this town are my coworkers and my neighbours. And even then it's only really one of my neighbours, and she only comes knocking on my door when she needs help with technology (she's 70)

    I love not knowing anyone here.

    No "pop ins"
    No running into people at the supermarket and having buying milk turn into a half hour ordeal.
    No being begged into doing things on a Friday night when all I want to do is go home and watch TV.

    Who needs human interaction anyway?

  9. Do you really think any of those people out there have never had their share of child embarrassment? They were just avoiding telling all their juicy stories, it being a first meeting and all. Southern hospitality, that's what it was. Maybe next time :)

  10. See, the way I look at it is, none of those people at the park would have been good friendship candidates. Not being able to handle a great port a potty story is a sure sign that someone would make a crappy (pun unintentional) friend. Also anyone who thinks that a grown woman who goes down slides with her dog is some sort of closet animal abuser needs serious help. Perhaps there's another park where all the normal people who laugh at poop stories and animal/slide hijinks are hanging out.

    Congratulations on the giveaways!

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