Saturday, January 23, 2010

Learnign Words for Dummies

The following conversation happened this evening. It is also a prime example of why I really shouldn't homeschool our oldest punk- I can't even teach a three year old.

Littlest Punk (AKA #2): Do you see the potato Dadda?

Charley: What potato?

#2: That potato (while pointing at the TV)

Charley: Oh do you mean the volcano?

#2: No, its a potato. Can you say po-tay-toe?

Charley: Yep I can say potato but that is, in fact, a volcano.

#2: No Dadda, Momma said that is a po-tay-toe....

Charley: (scowling in my general direction) Well, Momma might be wrong on this one...

#2: No Dadda, your wrong! Say po-tay-toe! Say it!

More scowling. And maybe an evil eye. In my own defense, I do not recall ever telling her a volcano was a potato. Or ever talking to her about volcanoes in general. Then the madness continues when my phone vibrated its self off the table.

#2: Momma, your walkie talkie is moving!

Me: Oh thats nice dear,

#2: Here Momma, its your walkie talkie!

Me: Ok, just put it on the table.

Charley: Geesh B-Dub, what a nice walkie talkie you have.

Me: Huh? I'm sorry, what are we talking about, I wasn't exactly paying any attention to you two.

Charley: (more scowling)

Typical night in our house. Welcome.


  1. Volcano and potatoe.. sure the words are similar, but they are two incredibly different things. That's a lesson that can be learned a very, very painful way.

  2. Priceless!

    Thanks for stopping by on Friday. We're following you now too :)

  3. Kids make confusing connections. We're still not sure why but when my sister was about three she got it in her head that farts were called news. She used to go around saying, "I'm making news." All the laughs she got just encouraged it I suppose.

  4. That's a crack-up! I love how kids label things so differently!

  5. To his credit, I totally do the same thing.

  6. Volcanos are delicious. Especially with sour cream and chives.