Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thought on a Random Day

There are a lot of bloggers who have specific formats for specific days of the week. I am not one of those. In fact, I have NO rules about posting. I used to wanna write a blog each and every single day; but then two kids, 1 seizure having dog, and a military spouse put an end to that dream. Now you just have to wait for this awesomeness until I can find the time to write it. So there.

I don't want to make promises I can't keep. Instead of designating a specific day to post random thoughts I will instead post them on random days. Ha. Take that structure and planning! Up yours! So here is the random thoughts on this, the very first day of Random Thoughts on a Random Day!

1. My hubby bought me Fat Free cream for my coffee. Should I take this as a not so subtle hint that the B-Dub Booty is getting a bit out of hand?

2. The reason for having kids is to make your hips stick out really far so you don't have to lean while balancing the laundry basket on one side and a three year old punk on the other. Its all about correct spine alignment. Safety first!

3. The reason the Army switched uniforms is so that the guys (read: the wives) don't have to iron anymore. Wash and wear! Sounds great right? Except my hubby is a pack rat and won't throw away the 39 old uniforms (both BDU and DCU variety) or any of the super matchy matchy gear that goes with it. Serious- is there any reason to keep 395 ammo pouches in DCU colors? Nope. But he does.

4. My cookie consumption makes me feel like an addict. I have to hide while eating them or else the kids will expect me to share. How can I teach them good eating habits while consuming massive quantities of cookies for breakfast? Simple, I make them breakfast and then grab a handful of cookies to munch on in the privacy of my bedroom. Too bad I then have to lug the vacuum up the stairs to get rid of the evidence. Not to mention the indigestion that follows due to eating with too much swiftness.

5. Is there a magical way to make a 3 year old girl stop screeching? How about tattling?  No? I'm screwed.

6. You know your kid is the next Tyra Banks when she starts strutting before she can even walk unassisted.

7. Some people's babies look like Monkeys.

8. I used to think that my oldest would be the next Tiger Woods. Now I'm glad he gave up that dream.

And now I will leave you, Bloggy Friends, to revel in the awesomeness of my random ramblings.


  1. Love you random thoughts...and babies in bikins are pretty much the cutest things EVER!

  2. Random thoughts on random days.. Good concept.

    Once blogged unstructured, the I got lazy.

    I think if I could stock up on iron free clothes, I'd jump at the chance.

  3. LMAO! I can relate to number 2. Number 8 was hilarious!

  4. Great random thoughts! I love cookies, myself, and can't start my morning without one. When the niece and nephew were here visiting I had to be more discreet about my cookie consumption or else they would want cookies too and then my sister would freak out that they were getting spoiled. Thankfully they don't visit that often!

  5. I love randomness! That is the story of my life!