Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret

I know that you know that I know that you know that we just moved last month so I will spare you a re-run of that story. There is one thing that has plagued me since we moved in to our newbie house. See, the basement is also the garage/laundry room/storage area. Multi-purpose to the max!

It also happens to be the "dump it here" area for all the crap I haven't put away yet. Well, last night I had enough. Charley got home early from work and I was waiting at the door with whip in hand. Oh yes, it was on! He was going to help me clean out that garage/laundry room/storage area. No choice, I was putting my foot down.

So he says "Why don't you get started while I change out the struts on your car?" And I'm all tired of getting motion sick from whole rocking in the ocean feel my car has adopted and think this is an acceptable alternative to cleaning the garage. I put the whip away and followed him down the stairs into the abyss.

And when I say abyss I mean this:

Here it is for all the world to see. My dirty little secret.

But really, its not so bad because all the crap at the far end of the pic is all going to Goodwill. See, we got some new furnisher and just threw the old stuff down there. Down in the abyss. And see there is tons of baby crap that I'm giving to my Bestie Bekum for little Ty.

And so prolly 75% of the crap shown in going bye-bye. Unfortunately, that still means I have to organize it, and find homes for the remaining 25%. No biggie, I'm SupaWoman.

Only, maybe not so much on the Supa part. My legs aren't really wanting to move today, and my back is killin, and I can barely make my arms move enough to reach the keyboard. Why did I lift the dang dirtbike? I now see the error of my ways. You win this round Yamaha. Just you wait, I'm heading to the gym and then I'll be back.

And the struts? My loving, sweet, didn't help me clean the dang garage at all, hubby started working and 4 hours later still hadn't finished the FIRST ONE. And, to make it better, he left my car in pieces to finish at some later point when he can get around to it. Pieces people. Like without the front wheels and springs and crap. Those are spread out all over the now mostly clean garage. And I am stuck in the house with two Punky Punks. No means of transportation available.

Shoot me.


  1. Oh man it sucks being stranded!! We try to keep our garage organized but end up having to do a major clean out twice a year! It never wants to stay nice!

  2. Haha....your dirty little secret is a secret no more :)- Lol

  3. Everyone has at least some random space that looks like this every so often...and then there are the hoarders on TLC.

    Good golly.

  4. Oh my... that is quite a predicament you have yourself in. Good luck with that!

  5. Oh geez dude, you should put that stuff on craigslist and make some money supa woman! :)

    Being without a car is horrible, even if you don't want to go anywhere it's bad because you know you CAN'T even if you wanted to, it's just a horrible mind game.

  6. I just did a big clean up over Christmas. All the stuff I pulled from my cupboards and thought "Why was I holding on to that?".. I guess moving or running out of room are motivators for a clean up.

    My pile of stuff was a bit smaller than yours, but then I'm just one man. You have a families worth of random stuff there.

  7. I used to have a spare bedroom like this, only I didn't even have plans for most of the stuff in there. Now I have a storage unit that looks something like this.

  8. Ummm...did you come and take a picture of OUR garage? My garage definitely needs some organizing! cool blog - following you now!

    I'm featuring a new artist on my blog today. She's an emerging painter from Canada. Please check her out! And have a great weekend!

    xo, Jami

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    AJ from Simple Sweet Inspiration

  11. I am not sure how gracious I would be to receive "tons of baby crap!" Doesn't sound all that dance inspiring... But it IS *Abyss*mal Crap so perhaps it's more entralling that regular ol' crap.

    Crap from The Abyss for all! Yaaaaaayyy! Lucky Bestie Bekum and Ty! Wooot wooot!

  12. WOW! This totally reminds me of my basement (and bonus room over the garage)!

    Following you now too!

  13. Oh geeze- I don't let mine touch the cars, but the computers, the plumbing, electicity= those are all things that end up just like your car. I keep my car so I can ESCAPE! :-)

    Friday Follower here!

  14. Good luck with finishing up the garage. Thankfully we don't have one or I am sure it would look the same way! I'm a friday follower. You can find me blogging here: