Monday, January 25, 2010

Excitement is in the Air

I've got a feeling that tonights gonna be a good night
Yeah, tonights gonna be a good, good night!

My older bro returned from a vacation deployment yesterday. And if you didn't know, Chair Force, I mean Air Force deployments are really short in comparison to Army ones. His was about 4 months long. Army = 12 plus months. Totally different. He went to Qatar. And sat around, and took some online classes in his spare time. No knocking down doors, no getting shot at, no IED's. Lucky!

Anywho, the point is that I'm happy he is home. Even if it was an extended vacation. And I find myself struggling to not tease him. So instead I will change the subject!

My older bro, whom we shall call Coolio, is all bff with my hubby. They can talk for hours and hours and hours. Buncha GIRLS! In fact, I sometimes think that Coolio likes Charley more than me. And that Charley might in fact like Coolio more than me. It's a tough spot to be in. And ya know what they say: If you can't beat em, join em. So thats what I do. I join in the "My gun is cooler than your gun" conversations. I join in the hunting parties. I am the sticky smelly stuff that holds this pack together. Wait, that's Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. Great, now I'm a sloth...


Coolio turns to Charley for hunting advice, because lets face it- if Coolio ever actually shot an animal he would prolly hide his head in a bush and cry. Cause he is a lover not a killa. I, on the other hand, am a somewhat experienced hunter. And by somewhat experienced I mean I am a grouse slaughtering machine- but the deer are safe. But only because I never can find them. They are better at hide and seek. Lamer.

I would like to point out for all you hunter haters that we eat what we shoot. And we don't shoot unless we are going to eat whatever it is we are shooting at. Except coyotes. They are Charley's arch nemesis, and the terror of small children. So here it is: 1 deer will feed my family for MONTHS. And the grouse are like chickens. In fact, the word grouse means chicken in German. And it tastes really good wrapped in bacon, or fried. But what doesn't, I ask you?

Coolio flew out to Montana to join us in a hunting expedition last year. It was super fun! Gma Jo kept the punks so it was just Coolio, Charley, and myself. Unfortunately the deer played a rousing game of hide and never be found, unless you count the does and fauns. And we couldn't shoot those. But all was not lost! We did come across the worlds largest rabbit. And that rabbit make a super yummy stew.

Coolio and his Rabbit, that Charley shot
for him so he wouldn't have to cry.

And if you are lucky, I will share some pics of the deer that Charley brought home later in the season. My in-laws are  awesome and came to visit to learn me all about butchering. Because everyone who is anyone who happens to have married a Montana Boy needs to know how to butcher a deer. That would be me. And I am feeling like today is a lucky day, so here we go: DISCLAIMER, do not scroll down unless you want to.

See, thats not so bad. You mostly can't see anything at all. Now SHUT UP PETA/ANTI-HUNTING EQUIVALENTS, I was feeding my family. And it sure was good eats!

Welcome home Coolio, glad your back, and Charley wants to know if you are available for a hog hunt before he deploys? Also, he says he misses you and wants to know if he can call you, and if you will wear the best friends forever bracelet that he made you. Lame-o's.


  1. You are hilarious!

  2. Anonymous is your mom :) At least in this one case.....

  3. I am one of those weird vegetarians that is totally fine with hunting, not that I go out hunting, but I have no problem with people who hunt for their food. This to me makes far more sense than cutting off a chicken's beak and sticking it in a dark, teeny tiny cage just so someone can buy some cheap chicken cutlets at the local grocery store. Ok, sorry I guess I was going a bit PETA there. Anyway, I just get annoyed with people who complain about hunting being cruel and then go down to Mickey D's to get their Big Mac or chicken nuggets or whatever.

  4. HAHAHA this whole thing made me laugh, seriously you people would fit in well with my people! Except me though because I don't do the touching of deer or anything else that isn't in a form a sandwich. :) Buncha girls = love it!!

  5. Your brothers home from vacation? Poor thing =p

    My OGOM could have used a few hunting tips. He'd always talk about how he saw this or the other and how he had the gun ready but he never shot anything.

    He was trying to protect his geese. Last I heard he'd gone from 9 geese to 2. The fox was winning.

  6. You are hilarious. I'm following you from Friday Follow.