Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things in Common

Ya know how they say dogs often look like their owners? Well, as it turns out Chubaca and I have a bit more in common than some brown hair and green eyes! Poor dog.

Chubaca suffers from a seizure disorder. Sounds yuckier than it is. He doesn't have many episodes these days thanks to finally finding the right meds. These days he rarely has the full blown, whole body seizures- usually his head shakes a bit and if I catch it at that stage I can stop the seizure before it gets bad. His head shakes, while unfortunate, are often kinda funny to see. PETA people stop reading now.

He starts with what I call the "Old Man" shake. Just a slight side to side motion that is sometimes hard to see. If I don't catch on right away the shake gets worse. He looks like he is shaking his head "No," hard enough that his ears start a-swinging, and his lips start flapping. Oh, the sound of lips flapping- imagine a dog in a car with his head out the window- lips flapping in the breeze.

This morning Charley and I were talking about it and a light went off in my wee little brain. Chubaca's head shake is soo like my soon to be patented B-Dub Booty Shake. Once it gets started there is no stopping, no telling where we will wind up. Who knew that doggie seizures were just his way of trying to be more like me!!!

Of course, the fact that my dancing resembles doggie seizures doesn't say much for my dancing ability. But, and I'm gonna brag a bit here so look out, my little bro totally had me give dancing lessons to him and his friends when I was like 15 and he was like 13. Yeah, it was totally in the 90's, and grunge isn't all that hard to dance to, but what-ev. I was asked by pre-pubescent boys to give dancing lessons. I was soo the coolest thing since sliced bread. Or maybe his friends had crushes on me cause  I was the older, hottie sister.

One of these days I am going to get a video uploaded of my little bro and his friend playing the clarinet singing a jingle they made up for Tylenol. It was a school assignment, and they were like 12, couldn't (and still can't) sing. Hysterical. But I digress.

This is one of the pics from the Times. It kills me, as the older, much wiser, sister I have seen this face before. Usually when I was right and he was wrong. 

My ADD is kicking in, can you tell? But on a cool note: My wee baby bro made the front page of the New York Times! Check him out! I love the slide show that goes along with it. He is a Vet, he served deployments to Iraq with the Chair Force, I mean Air Force- and then worked as a civilian in Iraq for 3 more years. The article touches on his experiences there and what it is like trying to adjust to life back in the states. And don't tell him I said so, but he makes me proud. Even if he is a pesky little brother who sings jingles about Tylenol.


  1. Your computer and drawer looks a whole lot like mine. Oh yeah, that's right, while we were supposed to be looking at the dog I was totally scanning the background.

    Poor dog though. It must be hard for animals where it can't be explained to them why things like that happen to them, and they can't tell us when they feel a seizure coming on.

  2. It's actually a pretty effective jingle. Every time I take Tylenol I think, "TY-la-NOL! Juuuust worrrrrrks bet-ter." JZ

  3. I was watching my nephew at my SIL's house when their dog started to have a seizure. It scared the crap out of me!

    That was a good article. I can see why you're proud of him.

  4. ScoMan, Oh man! I didn't even pay attention to the background in Chuey's pic! Talk about needing to clean. Although you can see a lovely cardboard box so its safe to assume that I was moving. Moving is a perfectly acceptable reason for messes! And the desk is from Ikea, and I love it.

    JZ- oh yes, TY-la-NOL does just work better!

    Katrina- It is really scary to watch a dog have a seizure, but it's good to know that the poor beast has no clue whats happening. Chuey comes out of his with the tail a-wagging. Looks around to see what all the fuss is about and gives big slobbery kisses. Thats why I don't feel too bad making fun of it- he doesn't seem to care!

  5. scoman and i are on the same page. the first thing i recognized was the desk. ikea, i presume? my roommate in college had that same desk. i had it in the dark espresso color.

    and chuey is beautiful. then again, i'm obsessed with chocolate labs.

  6. Chubaca's a cutey! My dog does the shaking thing sometimes too, but that's just because his ears are dirty and disgusting and he won't let me get anywhere near them to clean them.

    Congratulations to your brother for making the front of the Times. That's awesome. I would be proud too, but I would never let him forget about that jingle!

  7. I just stopped by your blog after reading you talk about Texas on another blog, and love your page. I can't believe how much you have moved around!!