Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Janet.

Have you read the Numbers series by Janet Evanovich? It starts with One for the Money and continues up to Finger Lickin Fifteen. I think 16 is coming out soon. But thats besides the point. The point is that I have shared something in common with Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter.

This is someone's idea of a great cast for the Stephanie Plum movies. 
Too bad they don't actually exist.

No, I do not have a partner who is a former ho. Nor do I shack up with some guy named Morelli, or sometimes a guy named Ranger for that matter. My hubby IS thinking about going to Ranger School cause he is in the Army again and stuff. But, I digress.

So, I don't have some cool job that I screw up a lot. Or a sister named Valerie. But we DO share a love of Birthday Cake. And it doesn't even matter who's birthday cake it is. She will buy discount birthday cakes; the kind that was never picked up by whom ever ordered it and have the name already on it. Ya know, the kind they stock at the back of any WalMart along with other rejected bakery items.

I don't have to buy reject birthday cake. This has been the year of birthday cakes. I think its cause we normally don't get to hang with the family so much. We are making up for all the missed cake this year. Here we go; welcome to my life.

The girl's cake

The boy's cake

Trying to decide: Chocolate Brownie or Apple Pie...

Bunny's cake

Tom's cake

Feeding baby Lumpkins cake

TeaPot's cake
And here we will end my Plum homage to birthday cake. I just can't take it. I am hungry.
p.s. It is not the author's intent to imply that any birthday cake consumed over the last year and yet not pictorially represented in above blog (of which there were many) were of any lesser quality or lacking in flavory goodness than those shown above. Thank you.

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