Monday, September 14, 2009

My boy, the envy of every girl.

TeaPot came to visit us today and brought GrannyNannie with him. They are getting wood floors in their living room and couldn't stay at home. But I am sure they would visit anyways. I do have their great-grandpunks and all.

TeaPot needed some instruction on how to use the MAC. Trust me, if you are a PCer all your life and then try out a Mac its weird and confusing and lonely. Stupid Mac.

My parents own the Mac, not me. I am still a PCer- slow loading, viruses, crashes and all. And I secretly think a Mac could probably be easier to use than a PC but I won't admit it. PC all the way Baby!

My parents have a picture of my oldest punk and Bert's oldest punk on a swing set- it's their background wallpaper thingy. The punks were about a year old or so (hers prolly just a bit older, mine prolly just a bit younger). And TeaPot says:

"Who is that little girl in the picture with Alex?"

Really? I mean sure he was blondie, with big bluey eyes, and super cubby cheeks. But for your own TeaPot to say you look like a GIRL, even if you were less than a year old??? Is there any insult in the 9 year old punk language that could equal that?

The exact picture in question. 

(Secretly, I think my baby boy punk looked more girly than my baby girl punk. I just can't admit that out loud!)
This is my girl punk. See how pretty she is with her hair in a pony!
She just screams "GIRLY" right? Like, more than the boy?

So here it is, you get to decide. Does the baby boy punk resemble a girly punk?

Same boys, different outfits. 

His favorite car

We chopped the curls
But the eyes! They are still this blue 
And framed with the longest 
Darkest lashes EVER. 
No mascara needed.

Umm, and just as a side note:
Was he ever really that small??

Him today,  in all his 9 year old punky-ness

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