Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of My Union

Yeah, I watched the State of the Union speech last night. I have mixed reactions to some of the things Obama said but that is neither here nor there. What IS here is some of the things Charley busted out with while watching, he kills me Webby Friends, kills me! For example:

Me: Um, what exactly is Joe Biden laughing at?

Charley: Who knows? He is the George Bush of the Democratic party.

Me: Oh, makes sense. Everybody needs one.

Or how about this one:

Me: Can you tell the senate is divided? Look at how all the Dems are going to town with the standing ovation while all the Repubs are firmly seated and most aren't even clapping!

Charley: It's prolly cause Obama keeps scowling at them.

Me: Either that or its cause Skelator, I mean Pelosi, keeps looking at them with her laser x-ray vision and they are too afraid to move.

Charley: Yeah, she scares the poop out of me. If looks could kill, she would be the absolute supreme slayer of the senate.

And on a more serious note, I feel the need to share some knowledge with you. Obama stated last night that he was going to have all "combat" troops out of Iraq by August. The Dems were out of their seats once again, pan over to the Military Guys who sat stone faced through the entire affair. No reaction. And here is why:

Even once we pull out our "combat" troops we will still have around 60,000 US troops who will STAY in Iraq. There is no "Pulling everyone out" that some have thought will happen. And Obama brushed by this by saying we will continue to support the Iraq government.

For a great analogy take a look at Germany. It has been how many years since we HAD to be there. The Nazi's were defeated before I was born and yet we have multiple military bases still operating there today. We started off by staying to "support the new government" and eventually Germany turned into a great overseas base of operations.

I predict that Iraq will be the next Germany, although without the whole "Now its a great place to be stationed" part. Who would willingly live in the desert? Not I. But I would give Germany a whirl. In fact, it is one of our goals to be stationed there before we (and by "we" I mean "he") retires.

Enough of the heavy. Tomorrow's topic? Don't ask, Don't tell: A perspective from two Army soldiers (Charley and his battle buddy Tristan). And they are water and oil people, or perhaps vinegar and oil is more descriptive. Unless they both decide that I can't publish their views. And then I will list them and anonymous. Or just not write it cause I want to keep the state of MY union with my hubby happy and peaceful. We shall see.


  1. i for sure call her skeletor, too!!!

    but seriously, joe b. love him! he's so damn awkward, i love it! mmmm, and lavender is apparently the new red, white and blue!

  2. At one point both Biden and Pelosi were looking off to their right for so long I thought there was a fight going on that the camera wasn't showing us.

  3. I agree about living in the desert, but how do you explain all those people who retire to Arizona? Sorry, had to get that in there. Joe Biden is the George Bush of the Democratic party, especially the fact that you never know what is going to come out of his mouth.

  4. She is fah.ree.key!! I couldn't stand watching because there she was the whole time. I'm not a huge Obama fan but I won't go off on that, but the speech kinda sucked.

  5. I would live in the desert. It seems like it would be quiet there.

    I don't have any skills that any military base could use though.