Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thats the Life Ya'll

Dear Internet,

I was talking to my Charley today. I was feeling pretty bad for him cause he really misses these punks we are raising. One weekend every six months just isn't enough time for him. Apparently. Oh yeah, did I mention that once every six months isn't quite enough for me either. Or the punks. So really, this whole "back in the Army" thing is starting off on totally the wrong foot.

I have been bouncing between North Carolina and Georgia since May. We (the two kids, one smelly dog, and the Frazzled Momma B-Dub) are either at my parents in Georgia or my BFF's house in North Carolina. One or the other. For SIX months. And I really don't want to sound ungrateful BUT I am truly ready, like good and ready, to have my own place again. And to get my kiddo's back on a schedule. And I really won't be sad when I don't have any more road trips with two punks and a stinky dog.

I digress.

Back to feeling really bad for Charley....

So, he sends me a text message, our usual form of communication these days, and tells me a bit about his day. And I quote:

"Yeah, I cleaned. Then I slept. Then I talked with the guys. After that I took a nap and watched part of a movie. Oh, then I shot the crap with the guys again. Now I'm getting ready to go back to sleep. Pretty boring really."

Oh man, oh man. So, lets see here. I have been experiencing guilt because you have this crappy Army job that keeps you away from us. And you have to do crappy things like, say, a 15 mile ruck march. Cause lets face it, there is NO WAY that this B-Dub would EVER do a 15 mile ruck march. And I mean never, ever, not in a million years. Poor Hubby. He does have it rough.

Except that he gets to take naps. And hang out with his friends. And watch movies. And then, after all that, he gets to hang out with the guys again. Poor, poor, Charley.

And now I will enter into a period of pity. Join me in the pity party for one. Only if you join it won't be for one but you know, what-ev.

Cause I don't get to hang out with the guys, or watch movies, or TAKE NAPS!!!! And I don't ever get away from my kids. Which I have decided, Dear Internet, is essential to maintaining sanity. Don't get me wrong, I love the punks in all their punky entirety with every fiber of my being. But sometimes they do get a little annoying. They haven't heard the expression "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder."

And then I start thinking that we should have switched places. Like, maybe, I could have gone off to some cool Army school and left him home with the kids. Only without the home part- cause we aren't sure where we are gonna be stationed and I wasn't staying in Montana all by myself.

Then I got another text. He said he was glad to have today off because tomorrow is another 10 mile run. And then I remembered how much you could never, ever, pay me enough money to run 10 miles IN A ROW! Like all at one time! Or ruck for 15. Or deploy to Iraq twice, and miss the birth of our littlest punk during the second one because they couldn't let you come home right then. Or about how he just found out that he is going to deploy again in the spring. And he is gonna miss out on seeing these punks for another year.

Well, so much for my pity party. I talked myself in a complete circle because now I am feeling bad for him again. Because he is missing out on some great stuff. He has to spend more holidays alone. Because we all need him, and others like him, to keep us safe. And there isn't anything much harder than what they volunteer to do.

But mostly because he has to run 10 miles tomorrow.


A Once Again Army Wife.

p.s. I would like to add that I have some wonderful frineds who took me out dancing this weekend. And I love dancing. I learned some new line dances and everything! It was a blast, so really, don't feel too badly for me. Sometiems I just need to vent.


  1. I would join your pity party in a second. I honestly don't know how *either* of you do it. But thank you thank you thank you to your hubby. I love our military men and women! :)

  2. I don't know how you do it either. I complain that my husband comes home late, I should be thankful we get to see him everyday!