Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Theta Mommy: Here it is Ya'll


If you're unsure of what exactly a Theta Mom is, don't worry! I didn't know either. But apparently it means I'm a True, Authentic Mom. As opposed to a Pretend, Authentic Mom, or a True, Forgery Mom. Either way- the word MOM really sums it up, the rest is just gibberish...

I've been "tagged" and so now I am supposed to list 5 reasons why I am a Theta Mom. So, in true B-Dub fashion, I am gonna change things up a bit and make it 5 reasons why I am a Redneck Mom! Cause that's WAY more fun- don't you think?!?!

1. You know you're a Redneck Mom when your little girl gives herself a haircut and you decide to fix it by turning it into a mullet. 

2. You know your a Redneck Mom when you read your kids stories featuring characters named Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. Only, suddenly, all the characters start reminding you of people in your neighborhood. Or yourself. Accent included.

3. You know your a Redneck Mom when your kids ask whats for dinner and you respond: Fried Chicken, Onion Rings, and Fried Okra. When they complain about the amount of fried foods you look at them sightly perplexed, and say"How do you cook if you aren't frying? Is this a joke?"

4. You know your a Redneck Mom when your hubby's friends all want you to teach a class called "How to change your oil and spark plugs while frying chicken."

5. You know your a Redneck Mom when you name your kids Punk #1 and Punk #2. Makes it easier. Keeps them in order.

How are you a Theta Mom? Or are you more of a Redneck Mom? Grab a tag and let me know!


  1. Wait, do you live down the street from me??? DO I *know* you? I thought there was only redneck people in WI...seriously.

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.