Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am such a Gleek

My unhealthy obsession with Glee started a few weeks ago when I watched the very first episode. Hysterical.  There is something about this show that takes me back to my Marching Band days. Oh yeah, I was a band nerd. I could have been a Gleek; except I don’t remember there even being a Glee club in our school. Oh, and also, I can’t carry a tune to save my life. But I wouldn’t have let that stop me; or maybe I would have. Regardless, I don’t remember there being a Glee club so it is a mute point anyways.

Glee is full of misfit characters. There is the ever popular Cheerleader dating the Quarterback of the Football team- go figure. Although the Quarterback IS in the Glee club, so I guess he’s cool; and the cheerleader DOES join Glee just not for the reasons she told her boyfriend... 

There is a large and in charge minority figure; the token gay guy; the handicapped guy in a wheelchair. The girl who stutters, but also has a great singing voice- and the leading lady who thinks she is the best thing since Barbra Streisand.

What really gets me is the teaching staff. Oh man, you know you’re getting old when you don’t relate to the students anymore but instead form a crazy connection to the old people. Not that they are old. Or that I am- I’m just sayin…

There is an over enthusiastic Glee teacher, the germ phobic school counselor (who happens to have a thing for said Glee teacher even though he is married to a lying lady who told him she is pregnant even though she isn’t…..) The ball busting Cheerleading coach who isn’t afraid to get on TV and let the world know that she is pro littering because it ensures jobs for sanitation workers so they can buy their kids tacos. Oh man, I could go on and on.

Perhaps what I like most in this show is that everyone has their problems, everyone is a misfit, and everyone still has a good time. They all get their chance to shine in the good ol' Glee club. The outcasts join together and change the school for the better. Take this clip for instance. The football team has lost all 6 of the games they played this year. The token gay kid auditions for the roll of kicker and gets it. His unusual warm up style makes him a laughing stock until the entire team is forced into Dance Practice to help them perform better. And the best part it.... That it works, and the boy's father is there to watch his son score the winning field goal. Does it get any better??

I am a Gleek, I’m sayin it loud and proud. And if you can watch this video clip without laughing I think there might be something wrong with your funny bone. You might want to get that checked. . .

ps. if this video is taking a while to load and keeps stopin while your trying to watch then pause it for a minute and let the buffer get ahead of what your viewing. That will make for seamless viewing.

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