Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Writing; like for real.

I had a big ol huge breakthrough today! I am officially a published writer! I joined Associated Content; chose some topics; wrote a bit; and they ACTUALLY liked them enough to publish them. And get this! They are PAYING me for them! Holy Cow!


Dear Publisher,

Please forgive my BORING writing style. It's been a very long time since I have written anything other than blogs. I did not think you were actually going to publish those articles as they were superbly sub-par. I was just messing around- seeing what I could come up with in 20 minutes or so. I didn't expect you to go for it; and really I am a bit embarrassed at the lack of skills I exhibited in those articles. I shall endeavor to improve so long as you continue sending checks. Thank you,



On another happy note:

1. Conflict resolution is a wonderful thing. If you are confused see here.

2. John didn't get upset that I used his pic's in my blog ( I wasn't sure how the whole copyright thing works, and I forgot to ask him before I published them. Doh!) But I have decided he must like me! Really really like me! The kind of like that means I can use some of his pic without getting into trouble. AND he told me that I could have used his camera. Like taken real pictures all by myself. Mostly because he has accident insurance; but I like to thinks it is because he trusts me completely!

3. The pics in this blog are all Johns. He is really good; and you can find more of his work here.

4. My dog ran off this morning and get this: He came back after only 15 minutes! Must be some kind of record or something.

5. It is a good day.


On a not so happy note:

1. I never found my lost library book. Now I think I am gonna have to pay for it.

2. It is COLD! We are only in the mid 70's and I am freezing my kiester off.

3. Still no word from my hubby. Stupid Army schools! I mean, ummm, I am sure he will call at the first available opportunity and probably, it is more important for him to learn combat skills than to talk on the phone. . .

You can see my published work here at Associated Content.

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