Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Road Trippin; Big Stop #3

I started to chronicle our trip from Montana to Georgia; but I have a confession. I skipped around a bit on ya. The order in which we traveled is true: Bozeman: Chicago: Ohio: Delaware. We left Delaware and migrated south; to North Carolina. But I jumped the gun in posting about the Slide Fiasco cause it should go here under Big Stop #3.

So instead of telling more about our trip I have something I need to get off my back. It’s vitally important for you to remember that I am a Southern girl deep down to the core. I have tried to change my ways- I have lived in California and Connecticut and Montana.

I just can’t help myself- I yearn for the drawl, greens, tobacco and cotton fields, and BBQs. And most especially some of Beccum’s Pickled Eggs and hot links.

Even though the eggs are pink, and smelly, and rubbery. There is something about them that gets stuck inside the head and taste buds. Can’t get away.

The runner up in the pickled category is Pigs Feet. Not an everyday grocery item to be sure but you just haven’t lived without tryin ‘em.

But back to my problem:

My punk can't talk right. In addition to constant third person references; she tries to make one syllable words into two syllable words. Totally normal in the South. Trust me. Here's some of my favs:

Bicycle:   Bi-skittle
Train:      Tra-yan
Rain:        Ra-yan 
Beans:     Be-yans
Pants:      Pay-yants
Chucky Cheese:  Chucky Chan ( No explanation for this one, she did it all on her own)

Et Cetera. 

So my problem is that my hubby is gonna flip because you see, he is not a Southerner. In fact he is one of those people who might even look down upon the Southern Drawl (but he will still eat the pickled eggs). He is a living contradiction. But the reality is that he will feel I have corrupted his offspring. Changed her into something unrecognizable, foreign even. He won’t understand that it’s all for the best and has only served to strengthen the bond between Mother and Child.

This poor guy never suspected what was to come from loving a Southern Girl

He is going to ask me to translate every word she says cause he doesn't speak Souther-on. He will go through a premature mid-life crisis due to feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

Secretly though, my girl makes me proud, and she kills me. She is so very much like me, and yet totally her Dadda. I still haven’t figured that one out myself.

But rest assured if I could figure out a way to make audio files I would post samples of her speaking for ya'll to enjoy. But I can't cause I am not that  computer savvy. 

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