Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

Summer has been happening. And cake. Lots and lots of cake.

It started with a dance in the rain

Chinese birthday lunch for a punk who is now 4.

Making a new best friend flamingos named "Flamingo"

Lots of snuggles with my Bo Biscut



Then there were these things that swarmed my babies. If you can call  4 and 10 years old a babies...

Then, the very next day, Littlest took a dog bite to the face and kept on kickin

For the first time in 2 years finally went down the slide!

And then we wound up back here. I think thats some kind of record! 3 days in a row, best. vaca. ever.

So we fixed her up with  .... you guessed it! CAKE!

Even Chubaca shared in the festivities! Just look at that restraint! And the demon eye. I think he was trying to use his telekinesis powers. Or maybe he was just constipated. 

And then I shared some finger painting skills with Chicken Wing. He is a quick study.

And now if only Bert would have her dang baby already we could call this an 

"Almost, But Not Quite, Perfect Summer"


  1. Good to hear you're alive and well.

    And I am especially happy you have been taking the time out to have a little cake.

    And yes, that is one controlled dog.

  2. B-Dub! You sexy thang you!
    Glad you are having a good summer. I still eat cake like that....

    Your BFFRU

  3. You've been missed - but good to see y'all are having a good time (well, except for that pesky hospital thing).