Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At Least I'm Not Alone!

I was all prepared to give 12,321 excuses why I haven't blogged lately and then I looked at my reader. Turns out there are TONS of bloggers who can't take the heat and have skipped out- so I won't bore you with my excuses  although some of them ARE really creative and a few are even true. Yeah, I won't even apologize for being gone, I'm just gonna keep on like I never left. Cause you like me that way. And I like me that way. And Chubaca might even like me that way but I decided it was better not to ask. 

And to further distract you TAKE THIS:

This, my Webbers, is my Bo Biscuit. 
He lives in Georgia so I had to go to him. 
And we bonded over Golden Corral biscuits.
And he loves his Auntie B cause she feeds him said biscuits 
(with strawberry jam).
(And M&M's when his parents aren't looking.)

Now that you are totally distracted with the cuteness, I need some help over here. See, on my trip to GA something happened. I was  wrangled into a photography project of mammoth proportion. My Grandpa had a mom- yeah, I know you are totally shocked with that revelation....

Anywho, his mom collected things, like family pictures, and somehow they were passed on to my dad. And he passed them on to me. A whole TUB worth of pictures. And the tub is OVERFLOWING. The upside is that prolly 1/4th of them are actually labeled so I know who they are.... 

And some of them are tintypes (one of the earliest forms of photography) and others are from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Ya know the kind that are fixed onto thick card stock. And they smell bad. Maybe thats cause these were stored in a garage in Texas for years and years and years. And Years. smelly. bad. smells. permeating my house. smelly. bad.

And so here is the part where I need your help. I need a long term storage solution for these photos. Lets face it- even if I don't know who is in them they are still really cool to look at, and they are a small piece of history- my family history to be exact. 

Even better, this nut didn't fall far from the family tree as shown in this tintype of my great great grandfather:

ok, he is the one on the left with the dark hair and mustachio.
Not sure who Country Bumpkin or Colonel Mustard are...

Prepare yourselves for the earliest form of photoshop:

Thats right Mr. Arrington! 
I mean great, ummm something, grandpa! 
You rock those pants!

Said the Burro to the Grandpa,
You are one funny guy.
One day your great, umm something, granddaughter
will write a blog and show the world what a funny 
guy you are. 
I mean were, as you are dead by now...

Dangit, now I feel all insensitive. 
Stupid dead man jokes.
crap, I did it again.

But I really do need storage suggestions...

the end.


  1. Dead men jokes are funny, because they can't fight back. Because they're dead.

    I'm pretty sure I got about a D in photography in High School, so I don't know anything about photo's. And we didn't even get "Storage" as a class, so that doesn't help.

  2. I wish I could think of company names, but I do know they make archival safe, acid-free photo storage boxes.

  3. How cool that you have all kinds of old pictures! I love looking through our old family pictures :) Anyway, you can most definiately get safe books and boxes to store the pictures in. Check google...thats what I always do! Good luck!