Monday, May 24, 2010

I Have Some Good News!!!

I didn't die! I vanquished the ticks! Although my mental state is currently debatable resulting from two sugar rushing kids. S'mores are a girls best friend- at least until that girl grows up and has punks of her own that can't seem to sit still or quit talking after consuming the chocolaty goodness. Anywho, I'm alive and crazy- what else is new???

They couldn't seem to keep the chocolate off their hands.

BTW- this is the view from my back door. 
Any question where the ticks come from?
Didn't think so.

This punk says she doesn't care about the ticks 
so long as there are S'mores involved.

I guess it is officially summer as the boy is now out of school. The teachers pulled a mean joke on us parents by loading the kids up with candy to bring home. Any my oldest decided to share with Littlest so I have two sugar high punks to deal with. again. for the second day in a row. help me. please.


  1. I Loooove smores, we (as in mostly me) had them this weekend, YUM!

    Those teachers should be fired, how dare they! :) Hope you are enjoying Summer vaca!

  2. I love her soft golden curls, but did she get any chocolate inside of her. It appears to have stayed on the outside! ;)

    Guess you're gonna be on permanent tick watch, huh? :(

  3. You do know how babies are made don't you? One of you says, "Oh, God," and you get His attention. Then one of you says, "Oh, baby," and he thinks that's what you want... That all being said... You both said those phrases twice...
    Enjoy their sugar high!

  4. Glad to hear you're still alive and great news on getting rid of the ticks.

    Now you just need to get the punks to disappear for a few hours and you're set.

  5. I am not an insect freaker outer, but ticks make me scream like a hysterical girl, and sadly this area is loaded with them. They love hitching a ride on my dog's long hair, but then because he has magic tick repellent on they hop off him and onto me.

    Those teachers are devious.

  6. Bad ticks! Bad teachers! Good candy! Happy Summer!

  7. That first picture is PRICELESS! I love the chocolate all over the faces and hands :) And I work in our church nursery and have also sent kids home with lots of sugar!

    btw, there's something on our blog for you :)