Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Return of the Mullet, oh, and I Might Die.

Today the coolest thing ever happened! I was at a certain Wally store and there he was. Only, I wasn't sure if he was a he or a she. Kinda had a baby face, it was deceiving okay?? And just so you know there is a Special Place reserved for me in a place thats really hot, for sharing this one.

Checkout line. Super short line, only 1 person in front of me. Older lady. Young boy/girl character.

Boy/Girl character was sporting the BEST MULLET SINCE THE ACHY BREAKY HEART GUY!!!! (so sue me, I can't think of his name at the moment)

Me: (in my head, hopefully not out loud) Oh My Gosh! I wonder if his granny would be offended if I started taking pics of that mullet... Wait, is there some law about taking pics of someone else's kid? No mullet is worth jail time- thats for sure. Only this one is really close to being worth it. Ok, improvise: 

Littlest is here wearing her Giraffe clip, she loves the Giraffe clip. I bet she would go for an impromptu photo shoot. What she doesn't know is that I am gonna make sure that mullet is in the picture too! I can't wait to show this one off!  Oh man, I am not nice. I am a horrid person. I can't help myself. 

So, ignore Littlest and check out Mullet Kid (who turns out to be a boy; I'm 73% sure anyways)

Front View.
Wait! Is he wearing a Hawaiian shirt too? Classic! 

Back View.
(btw- isn't that the cutest Giraffe EVER?)
(I designed it myself. Currently working on a hippo.)

See? What did I tell you? Best Mullet Ever. 
It even has the almost curly look!!!

In other news: I think I might die soon from tick poisoning. I've mentioned how my yard is over run with ticks, right? Well- typically not an issue. Pull it off and flush it. Never had to worry.

Until the last two weeks. I had one attach itself to my hip, super crazy place to get one- maybe it had rabies and was all confused about where it was and thats why I am the sickness now??? Or maybe it's cause of the poop water. Poop water can make anyone sick. Anywho, I finally went to the doctor who loaded me up with antibiotics and steroids. And because I love you, I am going to share my sickness with you. 

I tried really hard to cover the stretch marks, fat rolls, 
and other such "mommy marks" so I wouldn't scare you too bad.
Oh, and my undies cause Charley wouldn't like them posted all 
over the interweb. At least I assume he wouldn't like it...

I now officially feel like a pharmacy. Oldest gets two pills a day, I get 3 (with antibiotic now I get 6) and thats assuming I don't take Xanex or Ambien ;) and Littlest has the snuffies and gets dosed 3 to 4 times a day. Oh, and I can't leave out the dog- he gets seizure meds twice a day. From the time I wake up until I go to bed I am dispensing meds, or waiting to dispense meds, or worrying about when I need to dispense the next round. I now have dreams about meds. I feel like a school nurse who's only job is to hand out meds and the occasional Dora the Explorer Band-Aid. 

Send help. And lets hope I don't die or anything cause if I do Charley would prolly get mad at me. And my kids might miss me someday. 


  1. Billy Ray Cyrus--Miley's dad

  2. Yeah... that really is the best mullet EVAH!
    And you can't die by order of you BFFRU....
    (I think mommy marks are sexy)

  3. Get. Out. Who does that to their poor child!?! Wrong wrong wrong!
    Ticks are so gross, I can't believe you might die because of one! Pack up and leave. Now. You can come stay in WI. :)

  4. First of all, thanks for nominating me over at Ed's place. I was surprised to be nominated, so thank you.

    Secondly, I want you to be around if I'm ever in a crisis. How you ever came up with that plan in the moment to take photos of your little one to sneakily capture the mullet kid beyond you is a thing of beauty. Well done.

  5. You poor thing with your tick situation! I'm thinking you need to start dispensing meds to the parents of that moppet with the mullet. I've seen bad, but that just tops them all. Horrendous.

  6. I'm growing a mullet as we speak! I can't wait to "party in the back."