Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Pics on a Random Day

Because my punks hate me I have decided to try and cheer myself up by sharing some awesome pics I have taken recently. I sometimes write a "Random Thoughts on a Random Day" post and this is the photo equivalent. 

BTW- I will never cook dinner ever again. It always ends in screaming, tears, tantrums, "I'm not gonna eat that" et cetera. And it isn't like I am cooking fancy here B-Dubbers, I'm talking even the basics like Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, onions. Or Chicken Alfredo, or freakin spaghetti with Ragu freakin sauce that they specifically freakin asked for and freakin picked out all by themselves at the freakin grocery store. It doesn't matter- If I make it they won't eat it. 

Sorry- needed to rant that one for a minute. On to the funnies.

These are being sold in the MENS DEPARTMENT. I thought the cutoff for action figure undies was 6.

That couldn't have been freakin comfortable, or
 I didn't know dog noses could bend.

She cried herself to sleep after bumping her lip on the table. 
The band aids were self applied, I was unaware.

And for this week's winner:

Are you ready????

I need to own this car 'stach. 
I mean I really, really, really, think I need it.


  1. I'd wear action figure undies, but I'm weird. Also not sure how I would feel if I was dating a guy who wore action figure undies. The other pics look like scenes from a weird torture chamber: squashed dog nose, band-aided mouth and well, I would say the car 'stach is some form of car torture, but perhaps not on this car. I think it makes it look better.

  2. Dude, You have no Idea how long I have been want adult sized underoos
    See.. for the gen xers these little bits of nostalgia are pure awesomeness!
    The bestest gifts for 30 plus guys are army men and yo-yos and other old school simple toys

    The car has a molestache!

  3. Love the self-applied bandaids!

    Stop all that cookin', Mama! Give 'em that bag of sugar and go read.

  4. I'm glad you said the cut off for action figure UNDIES was age six. That I can agree to. What I can not agree to is getting rid of my video game actions figures.

    I don't like that motor vehicles have the ability to grow more facial hair than I do. It makes me feel somewhat less manly.

  5. If I saw it, that stashe would cause me to crash!

  6. Wow! Where to begin?

    A-Hubby has all kinds of action figure pajama pants, but not undies...thats a little creepy

    B-My dog lays like that ALL the freakin' time in the car and I just recently figured out why! The AC from the front blows on his nose, and he blocks the back AC with his body so he's getting double the AC while the rest of us are suffering!

    C-after I saw how crafty you got with the hairbows, I said to myself, "If B-dub can do it, I can do it!" Needless to say, we have lots of pumpkin clippies and lots of bow clippies now! I just found directions for a black cat, so that't my next project!

    D-oh and as far as that no eating thing goes? I was babysitting two girls and the younger girl didn't want her dinner and before I could get anything out of my mouth, her older sister goes "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" It was priceless :)

  7. and I'm a dumbass because I meant to put THAT'S my next project....and I put THAT'T my next project...maybe I need some sleep!