Sunday, March 21, 2010

White Kids Can't Dance. Brown Dogs Can.

I hope in like 15 years I am still hip enough to throw down at a club. I mean, I love shaking the B-Dub Booty and all. I am even working on a patent for the B-Dub Booty Shake, which, just in case you haven't heard, is all the rage these days! Unfortunately neither of my punky punks have inherited my shaking skills. I blame Charley. So, really, in 15 years I better go to different clubs than my kids- I would hate to put them to shame on the dance floor. Schooled by your Mom? Sads for them.

Good thing for me, dogs take after their owners. That's what everyone says anyways, and tonight I was able to prove that a) my punks lack skills, b) my dog is a whole lot like me, and c) for an hour of entertainment all you have to do is turn on some jams and let the kids free.

Yeah, prolly should have brushed her hair... : ( 

He is calling this move "The Robot." Poor kid.

Headbangers Ball 2010?

I don't even know what to say...

Chubaca decided to show them how its done 'round here


I swear to you, skills like his can't be taught. You either have it or you don't. Finally, I have someone I can completely relate to. 

Notes of Interest: 
1. my camera lens is dusty.
2. Please excuse the blinds- hazard of the B-Dub Booty Shake, I know your jealous.
3. Also excuse my lack of floor cleaning this weekend. It isn't anything personal. If it was personal I would have made sure the mess was bigger- special treats for special friends and all that.


  1. Go Chewy, go Chewy, go, go, go Chewy!....

    Your daughter will be able to move and groove but sadly the boy child will ever be stuck with a white boy shuffle...

  2. This is too funny!

  3. Wow that dog can move!! Also love the headbanging. :)
    And another reason we get along so well, my floors look like that too.

  4. I love the fact that Chubaca had to show the kids how to do it!

    And that whole floor thing? I can SO beat you! I was going to vacuum Saturday, because well, my house needs to be vacuumed. But, I decided I wasn't going to be inside all day because it was beautiful. So, I'd do it Sunday. Well, I was going to vacuum Sunday (yesterday) but I decided that because I wasn't going to be at my house again until NEXT Sunday (my aunt & uncle are out of town and I'm keeping my cousins for the whole week) that nobody would see the dirty floor and I could just vacuum next week :)

  5. I'm so sorry to say this... but the dog might be the best dancer of the bunch! Look at that air!!! He's putting Air Bud to shame.

    We love having "dance dance remix" parties in our house... even after our daughter is asleep!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  6. messy floors are always the best.
    Except when it's the living room :P

    Chubaca knows basketball. I'm telling you! :D

  7. Those kids may be mine...cuz I prolly donce worse than they

  8. Ooooo...Wow!
    Hands down for Chubaca ;)

    btw/ I gotta tell ya I'm pretty surprised the flat screen is still in tact.

    A lesson I learned the hard way a year ago while playing with the kids was lots of movement + flat screen = Inevitable Disaster

    Much Luv,

  9. I think the dog won this round of "So You Think You Can Dance?".
    Maybe the kids picked up some technique and can bring it on in next week's episode.
    Why no pictures of mom shakin' her groove thang?? That's what I want to see :)

  10. BAHAHA that last pic was awesome!