Saturday, March 6, 2010

It Will Be Here Soon

I know you are all chomping at the bit to know how my Giveaway Bonanza is coming along. But guess what? I am not going to tell you today! That bit of goodness will happen on Monday, exactly 1 week after it started. Confused? Turns out I decided to enter every freakin giveaway I run across during my daily blog ventures so I can once and for all determine if it is worth the time and energy to enter them. But that isn't gonna be today.

Its Saturday which means we are CLEANING. I know, I know, you guys have seen the pics of my house and have already decided that my housekeeping skills are outta this world. Well, I did graduate as Valedic-tool-ian from the Happy Housewife University. But even this perfection needs upkeep every now and again. And because I am jammin out, I figured I would share my playlist so YOU can jam out too! You tube is pretty awesome for finding obscure music that no one else has heard of, or just the crap I have going. Prepare yourselves:

Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal
Beck: Loser
Carrie Underwood: Flat on the Floor, and Wasted
Creed: Higher
Deana Carter: Did I Shave my Legs for This???
Eve Six: Inside Out
Fall Out Boy: Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
Fuel: Hemorrhage
Hole: Celebrity Skin
Jem: 24 and You Will Make It
Lit:  My Own Worst Enemy
Miranda Lambert: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Gunpowder and Lead
Misfits: Die, Die My Darling
Oasis: Morning Glory
Rascal Flats: Fast Cars and Freedom
Stone Temple Pilots: Creep
Weezer: Buddy  Holly

This list got me through the kitchen, then I had to start another one. I know, I just can't seem to keep to one genre. And I am a better person for it. Just sayin.

So go, B-Dubbers! Play some Music, Clean your House, and Enjoy the Ride!

Whats on your playlist anywhoozle? I'm always looking for something new!

ps. Yes, I did just tell you to clean. Now you know how my kids feel : )

Update! I forgot to mention all things Ga. Forgive me. Pretty much after each of these songs I played a GAGA. Current fav? Dancing in the Dark. More on this later. -B-Dub Diddle


  1. it's definitely a cleaning kind of day for me, too. i love all of those songs. throw some tonic songs in there. love the band tonic.

  2. p.s. apolo is STILL ignoring me!

  3. It's a Soul Asylum, Concrete Blonde, Violent Femmes day here. I'm a little cranky.

  4. When it comes to give-aways, I put my name in by asking not to get picked....

  5. YouTube can be dangerous. You sit down to watch one 90's classic then browse the sidebar and click another.. and another.. and another.. and before you know it another day has gone and you forgot to go to work.

    Babylon Zoo- Spaceman is always on my list.

  6. Love your playlist! I always enter giveaways only to be let down. Haven't learned my lesson at all!

  7. I could indeed jam out some cleaning to your playlist...however, today I decided I would go shopping for an Easter dress with my little girl. Our play list included Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, somebody I never heard of, some girl singing tick-tock, and a song about New York. I could've put somebody in a strangle hold for just a little Miranda Lambert!

  8. I love this wonderfully eclectic list. That's what I love about my iPod, I never know what will pop up next when I have it on shuffle.

    My present new fave is Ida Maria. Here's one of hers: