Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Gifts are Better

Ya know how they say the best gifts in life are free? Well, I totally agree! My bloggey friend Savage has been taking requests for poetry. As in you tell him a topic and he will write you a poem. I was totes sad when I headed over to his site the other day and asked him to write about deployments (my hubbs just recently left for Afghanistan-in case you missed it). Here is his awesomeness:

B-Dub wanted a poem about deployment since her hubby is off helping lay a smack down on the bad guys....

It Aint Easy

The time has come
He got the call
It aint easy
Not at all

He has to go
He don’t want to
He signed to serve
He’s got to do

He’s a strong man
With an easy smile
He’ll be gone
For a long while

Hugs and kisses
Have no fears
He brushes away
You’re saddened tears

It aint easy
Not at all
To serve your country
When you get the call

-Mark “The Savage” George

Thank you, my friend Savage, for taking time to write for me! To all my other people out there head over to see Savage! He is still taking requests, perhaps he will write one for you!

And now I have guilt because I can't remember where I found this picture. 
I would like to dedicate this one to my two brothers, who weren't man
enough to join the "real" military. Turns out I love them anywhozle.


  1. i don't like deployment

    but love the savage

    big hugs to you girl

  2. The poem is great. Good on the Savage.

    And the picture was great too. From sadness to smiling just like that.