Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Pukes and the Lonely Toothbrush

My girls came, they stayed, and the pukes concord. And now its lonely at my house cause every one left me. Huh? I realize that I am not exactly making sense today but bear with me.

Ok, so really what happened is Bekum brought baby Ty-Guy who was slightly sickly to visit me and wallow in a pity party cause my hubbs was gonna be leaving soon. Sick baby snuggles are the best, they are all warm and smooshey, and cuddly.

Only then on Sunday Bekum was violently attacked by the pukes. And unfortunately for her she and T had to drive back to NC on Monday. Like 12 hours in the truck with a sickly baby and a puking Bekum. Didn't envy them at all. Not one bit. Then we get the word that C has to leave for Afghanistan. Like the next day. Like less than 24 hours notice. Not cool.

Did I mention that my big bro came to visit too? And C's army buddy spent the weekend here. So we were full, to the top, kinda bursting at the seams. And there was vomit.

My big bro, Coolio, left Tuesday morning. And then I had a vomit attack. I almost NEVER have the vomits. Ever. C had a few things to do at hq and got back home around lunch. I slept the entire day. I think I finally woke up at around 8pm. Exactly how I wanted to spend my hubby's last day at home. NOT.

I woke up, he crashed, and at about 12:30 in the AM I had to wake him up. And then he woke the kids. We all drove to Post. Almost made it there incident free, but right before the hq building our littlest punky punk started the pukes. Pull over, puke in parking lot, buckle back up, get to building. Cry a lot, say good bye, cry some more, start the lonely drive home.

Almost made it home incident free, but littlest punky punk wasn't finished with the hurling. Pull over, puke in parking lot, cry some more, realize scary guys walking towards truck. Buckle quickly, tires spinning, get the hell outta Dodge. Puking continued the remaining 11 miles home. It is now almost 3 am.

Get in, give bath, clean vomit, take littlest punk to bed with me, wake up 403894 times to hold the bucket for her. Finally remember the Children's Pepto hidden in medicine cabinet, grab bottle. It was EMPTY. Who puts and empty bottle back on the shelf???? Apparently I do. Give littlest punky punk 1/2 of an adult Pepto. Hope she can handle it. Sleep for 30 minutes or so, Oldest Punky Punk wakes for the day.

Haul self out of bed, go to bathroom to brush the teeth. My toothbrush is lonely. It is all alone. It will be about 6 more months before her companion returns for a quick visit, and another 6 ish after that before her companion is back for good.

Poor toothbrush, I feel her pain.


  1. I love the word smooshey!
    I hope this next year goes by REALLY fast for you!

  2. Oh, that stinks to get sick and not be able to enjoy the time with your honey. Hopefully, you feel better soon, and hopefully your toothbrush isn't lonely for long.

  3. Sounds like a lot of puking. Like a decades worth of puking for your family right there.

    And no, less than 24 hours notice is not cool at all.

    Hopefully the next 6 months arrive quickly.