Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Too Can Chanel Lady Ga

Having a bit of fun with and their handy dandy "makeover" maker, thingy. Here are two of my FAVes!!!

This is what I started with. Look! You can see my plant! I grew it all by myself and everything!!!!

This is me channeling Julia Roberts. Um, does this hair make my already gianormous nose look even bigger? 

Oh the Lady Gaga look. I think I can pull this one off pretty well. Nothing says "Psycho" quite like the super big blonde with super green eyeshadow. I love you Ga.

Now I am off to the Wally World to purchase large quantities of bleach for my doo, then off to Sally Beauty Supply for some killer extensions. Wait, maybe I should go red?

InStyle, here I come again! 


  1. You can grow plants!? I bow down to you. Just over my fence in the back yard is a pile of plant leftovers...I just can't do it.

    I love me some Gaga...I think you should go run with it. :)

  2. My pot plants grown themselves. I just leave them out the backyard and 5 years now and they're still not dead.

    Interesting new looks, but I think the original is the best.

  3. I like the Julia hair on you!

    Wanna know a secret? My LBJ was actually a separate top and bottom... that I bought on sale... from Express... in 2002! Yup, it's probably been about that long since I had money to shop :) Thanks for the compliment!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  4. hmmm. i too have been contemplating a change. perhaps a visit to this in style place will make me reconsider. stick to the original baby!

  5. You look great keeping it real, and nice plant!

    A director (a man) at the library I used to work at would spend (I am not making this up) hours trying out different hair styles on his picture online. I don't know if it was on or somewhere else, but it annoyed the other employees who thought maybe he should actually be working.

  6. Ha ha! These are great. I need to jump over there and try it myself!