Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things We Leave Behind

So, now that I am officially ripping my hair out by the fist full I decided to step back and smell the roses. Because lets face it- I could still be living in the frozen tundra of Montana. Not that I really mind living in Montana- it is the most beautiful place I have ever lived- but it gets cold. And I mean freeze your nose hairs cold. The kind of cold this little Southern Girl was never meant to endure. Other than that it was great! Oh, wait, except for driving in the ice. That can go too.

So this photo montage is a tribute to the good things about Montana, because 1. I need something happy to do, and 2. to remind myself that life is a journey and I need to Enjoy the Ride.

Driving around Brittany style.

Learning 'em young

Growing some long hair

Charley in an outhouse. 

Facial Hair- his not mine- I still wax the 'stach
Unfortunately I forgot to buy spanks.
Fortunately I could breath.
Even in MT a girl has priorities.

Scaring the pants off a Punk. Good times, just make sure you 
wear ear plugs!

Driving for hours to have a picnic with the in-laws.
Just because we can.
I would also like to point out that 
1. My coat is orange
2. My camp stove is orange
3. My camp box is also orange
4. Orange is my signature color.
5. I can't believe I chopped off all my hair. Doh!  

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  1. Apparently Montana people and WI people are a lot alike. :)